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I spent a good portion of today painting the balcony which gave me time to think. Now having the time to think would usually be thought of as a good opportunity – a time to relax and possibly think about all those vacations that I want to take in the future. I, on the other hand, spent the entire time thinking about personal finances and why people find personal finances rather boring. This, of course, revealed a number of things:

  • It’s probably natural that most people find personal finances boring
  • That means that I really am a personal finance geek
  • Worse yet, I have gone beyond my father in the realm of geekdom which is not a good place to be (does anyone ever imagine that they will one day go beyond their parents when it comes to being geeky? – a sad, sad day)
  • Personal finance lacks humor
  • And most importantly, it’s dangerous to let your mind wander when on a steep slope a few feet from the edge of a 10 foot drop while painting a balcony (wouldn’t that be the worst – paramedic: “How did you fall 10 feet of the roof and break a significant number of bones in your body? me: I was thinking about personal finances and just wandered off the edge…”)

    While I hope to that some people that find me here are into personal finances as much as I am, the truth is that the vast majority never will be (this is a good thing because a world filled with personal finance geeks would not be a fun place to live). While I won’t be able to convert these people over to personal finance geekdom, I do have an opportunity to share some personal finance observations that they can hopefully adapt to their own lives to save money and get their personal finances in better order than they may be at this moment.

    Part of accomplishing that is to make the posts here entertaining (beyond myself, of course, since we have already established that I’ve been hanging off the roof’s edge a bit too long) and that will be something that I will be working on. So in addition to the other goals that I set for myself a few days ago, I will add that I also want to try and bring a smile to the face of everyone that reads one of my posts. I won’t be aiming for any belly-ache type laughs (okay, belly-ache laughs would be cool, but I am aware of the material that I’m working with…), just those small inner smiles that you give to yourself when you read something that strikes you a bit humorous and make you want to share it with someone else to see if they will smile too.

    So I was able to get quite a bit accomplished while outside. I got a nice chunk of the balcony painted. I narrowly avoided the embarrassment of accidentally falling off the roof. I put some good thoughts together and came up with a plan to make my writing better and more entertaining to my readers. At the end of the day I’m feeling pretty good…except for that realization that I’m geekier than my dad.

    And on a side note, the balcony’s progression:

    balcony painting

    balcony painting

    balcony painting

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    5 Responses to Personal Finance Geek

    1. Mike says:

      Hi Jeff,

      I have found your posts to be entertaining — certainly enough for personal finance. I don’t think anyone who’s serious about finance expects rolling-on-the-floor hilarity and you do a good job of keeping things readable, interesting, and informative.

      I must say that the video blog entries, while novel, are something that I would prefer to not see become a frequent event. I typically surf the web while watching TV or at work, and needing to put-on headphones or stop the Tivo to listen to the post can be minorly bothersome. Also, it’s hard to search for the content contained in the videos.

      However, if you could combine the videos *with* a normal post, say to reinforce a concept or demonstrate something, that would be fantastic and where I think that you’d get the most value.

      Otherwise, just keep doing what you’ve been doing!


    2. pfadvice says:

      Points well taken…the plan has always been to make the videos a compliment to the written posts for those that would like to get the information in another way.

    3. Jeff says:

      hmm.. I liked the wood look better =o
      nice house though!

    4. pfadvice says:

      It look really strange with just the wood – didn’t match the rest of the house at all.

    5. SMB says:

      The balcony looks great! I’m a PF geek myself (by the way, shortening “personal finance” to “PF,” as in “PF blogger,” “PF magazines,” etc., is a sign of being a personal finance geek, I think).

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