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My Money Forest

There are certain areas that I talk about quite a bit in this blog, but there are other areas that I don’t mention as often. Tim over at My Money Forest asked me quite a few questions for his blog about Nate and I and, some of which I have not answered before here. Here is a list of the questions asked:

  • Jeff, how did you and Nate meet?
  • How long have you two been working together?
  • Are the day jobs you two have related to any of your websites?
  • What prompted you two to start your own Internet empire (in the making)?
  • How is the empire structured legally (Inc., LLC, partnership)?
  • Across all the websites: How many page views? How many uniques?
  • How much time on average per week is dedicated to the maintenance and content creation of your websites?
  • From what I’ve been able to gather you two have nearly 50 satellite sites, how many do you plan on creating?
  • Of all the sites you two own, which one[s] is/are your favorite to work on?
  • Do you two tend to use open-source platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and others? Or does Nate tend to code them?
  • At some point will blogging and website creation turn into a full-time job?
  • What’s been the biggest challenge in running the websites?
  • I bet it feels really good to have mainstream media pickup on your articles. How long after was launched did you get the first media mention
  • When you launched how did you encourage people to sign up for the forums and post messages?
  • You host over 100 personal finance blogs on SavingAdvice, is there profit sharing with the bloggers or do they blog for free?
  • What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned from your members on SavingAdvice?
  • Why do you think you two have been so successful?
  • What inspires you two to keep working on your businesses?
  • Anything new and exciting in the pipeline you’d like to mention?

    So if the answers to any of these questions pique your interest, you can find all the answers at Get Personal Finance Advice at Enjoy and feel to throw out more if you’d like 😉

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