August 2006 Goals Review

My 2006 goalsAugust continued along the lines of July and it was another good month overall. Both Nate and I will be pleased if we can continue building at the pace we have over the last 2 months, but also know that things seem to slow down some during the Holiday season which is just around the corner. We are hoping to keep focused these last 4 months and really be set to grow in 2007.

Since most of the goals that I made at the beginning of the year have been met, I’m going to put forward 10 new goals for this last quarter:

  • Get up all the domain names that we have purchased and either get a holding page on them or put them up for sale.
  • Do at least once a week video blogging – preferably more (also learn more and improve it over where I currently am)
  • Find 2 more income streams over what we are currently receiving.
  • Put together an ebook
  • Find a new, creative way to promote the sites
  • Work on getting some mainstream media mentions
  • Get at least another 10 satellite sites up and running
  • Do a money experiment each month
  • Find at least one more satellite site manager
  • Keep income constant so that Nate can join full time in 2007

    While this won’t be easy to accomplish, I think that it is doable and I’d like to focus on the websites more than I have been lately to take them to the next level.

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    1. I could probably use these goal’s for myself! You are right, the next 4 months are critical to get set up for 2007. I am also hoping to go full-time next year, so I guess we will be traveling down a similar path.

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