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Save Gas – Nitrogen Filled Tires

Concept: When looking at ways to save gas, this is one of the more interesting ones I’ve come across. Tires inflated with nitrogen have been used for years on racing cars and with gas prices rising, the concept is starting … Continue reading

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Debt Reduction – How Others Being In Debt Affects You

When it comes to debt and debt reduction, we almost always talk about it in regard to the individual. If you are debt free, you might feel that a co-worker being in debt has little to do with you, but … Continue reading

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Internet Access Charges

One of the things that bothers me the most about traveling is Internet access charges. Part of the problem is consistency. I never know where or how much I’ll have to pay to access the Internet. When I arrived at … Continue reading

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Bankroll Me Woman

I’ve written before about how I am amazed at the ingenuity of people to earn extra money. I was not disappointed in Las Vegas. The best one I saw was the “bankroll me” woman. This attractive woman sat at a … Continue reading

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Back & Ready For Bed

It’s late here (approaching 1:00 AM) and I’ve just arrive back from Vegas about an hour ago. Both Nate and I had a great time and there are actually a few stories about personal finance and other money related issues … Continue reading

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Crowded At The Airport

***The photo doesn’t due justice – the line for the security check went all the way back to the arrival baggage claim area and took an hour to get through at 6:00 AM*** The airports today were quite an experience. … Continue reading

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How World Events Effect Your Pocket Book

With the latest airline terrorist plot in the UK, I’m expecting even the short jaunt to Las Vegas to be a major hassle getting through the airport. I’m hoping that since I’m taking a fairly early flight I will be … Continue reading

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Airline Ticket Change Penalties

I’m off to Las Vegas to meet with Nate in less than 7 hours and it will be nice to get away for a couple of days. Originally I purchased a ticket leaving Friday morning and returning Sunday evening, but … Continue reading

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Pricing A New Redwood Deck

My mom wants to get a new deck for her house. The old one is quite old and really needs to get replaced. She wants it to be a good medium grade redwood. The problem was that I had absolutely … Continue reading

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When Money Can Buy Happiness

Can money buy happiness? It would be nice to give a definite “yes” or “no” making the issue black and white instead of shades of gray. The truth is, however, that it really depends on a number of factors on … Continue reading

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Investment Advice

I met up with a friend this weekend along with a group of his friends who I didn’t really know. When they found out that I write about money matters and personal finance, I received the question that I almost … Continue reading

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In Debt We Trust – New Movie

There is a new debt industry film out titled In Debt We Trust by Danny Schechter that may be worth watching. According to the movie’s website: While many Americans may be “maxing out” on credit cards, there is a deeper … Continue reading

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Financial Bulimia

Do you suffer from Financial Bulimia? I think it’s an interesting definition for a way some people spend money. I’d never heard it before, but I came across it at So Now What?: Financial Bulimia. I have a tendency to … Continue reading

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The New Alpha Guy

I mentioned that we had picked up a few new blogs that we added to our growing family last week. We found a writer for one of them. I’d like to extend a big welcome to Khyron who will be … Continue reading

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Newest Project

A quick step away from personal finance… I’m not sure whether I should be happy or disappointed that one of the most popular posts on this site has little to do with personal finances. The fact is that my post … Continue reading

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Learning From The Pro

I’ve never understood how the coupon people are able to get those really great deals. Even when Flash explained her $330 In Groceries For $27 I still wondered if there was some type of trick to it which would keep … Continue reading

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Emigrant Improves Sign Up Process

While there were a lot of complaints about the Emigrant system in the first few days after their website overhaul, one thing that I haven’t notice anyone report on is that Emigrant actually made a huge change that makes opening … Continue reading

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Jobs That Cost Nothing To Start

I had a discussion with a friend this past weekend. He was trying to convince me that in order to start a business today, it costs a lot of money. While I will concede that it can cost a lot … Continue reading

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Yahoo Ads Experiment Update II

I mentioned earlier that Yahoo Publisher Network ads were performing so poorly on our grocery coupon guide site that it only took a week to realize we needed to switch back to Google Adsense. That was definitely a smart move … Continue reading

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Forever Stamp

One of the decisions that Nate and I have decided to take is to invest in domain names. We believe these are great investments because they cost little (under $6 per year) and have the potential to earn a lot … Continue reading

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