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blogoversaryI took notice that over the last couple of months a lot of personal finance writers have had the blogoversaries. As I sometimes do, after reading about one of these (I can’t remember exactly which one which is a shame because I would really like to thank that person) I went in and did a search to see if the domain name was available. I must get one hit for every hundred or so domain names I enter, so when one does comes back as available, it’s always a pleasant surprise. I purchased on the spot.

The problem with this site is that there wasn’t really a whole lot of content I could write for it so it wouldn’t really fit in with our other satellite sites


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2 Responses to Blogoversary – New Sat Site

  1. Retireyoung says:

    That’s cool! I have an anniversary in 87 days.

    Another option would be to have something like:

    blogging for 2 years! or blogging for 52 days!

  2. ~dawn says:

    Me likee!

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