Do You Have A Reward Debit Card?

news pro netDo you have a reward debit card? If so, there is a TV production company that would like to interview you for a report they are putting together on debit reward cards. Julie McCoy, who is a TV news producer with NewsProNet contacted me in hopes I could help her find someone to interview:

The story is about how many times, consumers need to choose a signature transaction rather than entering their PIN in order to actually receive the rewards. Many banks will not give the rewards if the consumer enters their PIN.

I am in need of a person with one of these debit reward cards, and I am hoping you maybe able to help…

I would like to interview the person this week or next week. The intervi


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2 Responses to Do You Have A Reward Debit Card?

  1. m@ says:

    “Julie McCoy, who is a TV news producer”, so that’s what happened to her after the boat docked.

  2. LJ Cox says:

    Ref signing for purchases rather than using the PIN: I could sign up for rewards on our debit cards but that is the condition to receive them. I always use the PIN in preference to signing because that is cheaper for the stores where I am using the card. As more than a few of these stores are small independents on limited margins, I prefer that the convenience of using my debit card rather than paying cash or writing a check cost them as little as possible.

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