Do You Have A Reward Debit Card?

news pro netDo you have a reward debit card? If so, there is a TV production company that would like to interview you for a report they are putting together on debit reward cards. Julie McCoy, who is a TV news producer with NewsProNet contacted me in hopes I could help her find someone to interview:

The story is about how many times, consumers need to choose a signature transaction rather than entering their PIN in order to actually receive the rewards. Many banks will not give the rewards if the consumer enters their PIN.

I am in need of a person with one of these debit reward cards, and I am hoping you maybe able to help…

I would like to interview the person this week or next week. The interview is on camera. We send a camera crew out to their home at a time that in convenient for him or her. The camera crew is usually sent from one of their local news station, and the interview will take about an hour of their time. Of course, I’ll set the entire thing up with them via phone/email. It’s pretty easy!

If you have a debit reward card and think you’d be interested in helping out, you can contact Julie directly – feel free to leave comments if you have questions or want more information on exactly what the interview will be about.

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  1. “Julie McCoy, who is a TV news producer”, so that’s what happened to her after the boat docked.

  2. LJ Cox says:

    Ref signing for purchases rather than using the PIN: I could sign up for rewards on our debit cards but that is the condition to receive them. I always use the PIN in preference to signing because that is cheaper for the stores where I am using the card. As more than a few of these stores are small independents on limited margins, I prefer that the convenience of using my debit card rather than paying cash or writing a check cost them as little as possible.

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