Free Personal Finance Materials

free personal finance resourcesIf you are looking for some basic (but free) personal finance materials, Visa is giving away a number of informational items fro free from their Practical Money Skills site:

  • Free Solar Powered Calculator
  • PMSFL Teachers Guide W/2PK CD – a 2-CD classroom educations set which includes lesson plans, worksheets, calculators and games to help students develop personal finance, budgeting and money management skills. (reserved for teachers only)
  • Practical Money Skills for Life CD-ROM – three programs that make learning financial management skills fun: interactive calculators, the Get out of Debt Quiz Show, and The Money Management Intelligence Game.
  • Presenter’s Guide and CD-ROM – it’s a training tool for conducting on campus financial literacy seminars/learning sessions.
  • College Student Workbook – a valuable hands-on tools for navigating financial matters, such as a budget worksheet.
  • Managing Your Debts: How to Regain Financial Health – a guide for overextended consumers to get back on budget
  • Debit Card Brochure – features and benefits of owning a debit card.
  • Practical Money Skills for Life Pamphlet Series – financial basics about credit and debit cards, how to set-up a budget and stick to it, and how to protect yourself from fraud.
  • Consumer Identity Theft Brochure – what is identity theft, how to protect yourself and what to do if you become a victim.
  • How to Raise a Money-Smart Child – Personal Financial Literacy addresses topics that affect newborns, teenagers, parents, and all age groups in between.
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