Lower Credit Card Interest Rates

For those that regularly read personal financial blogs, magazines or other sources, the vast majority of the information in this video series will be fairly basic. One of the things about saving money is that most people already know how to do most of it, they just don’t take the time to break old habits that are costing them money. That is what we’re here to remind everyone to do as well as try to motivate everyone to start these painless steps.

As the video says, the first step we’re going to take is to try and lower your credit card interest rates. Even if you’ve tried this in the past, it’s worth trying again. As I mentioned, you may want to look through y


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4 Responses to Lower Credit Card Interest Rates

  1. makingitbig says:

    Jeff — enjoying the new video series.

    A video I would love to see is you calling up a cable/Internet provider and negotiating down your rate. I tried doing this with little success and would love to see the master in action.

    Any chance we could see this?

  2. I’ve tried this with my 18.99% card once and they flat-out refused. And why shouldn’t they? I carry a balance (which I know is bad, but I don’t have a choice at this point) and there is no incentive for them to alter the rate. I even mentioned that I had a lower offer and was going to take my business elsewhere. I guess what I’m saying is: don’t take it for granted that you can negotiate a lower rate in all cases.

  3. davis says:

    There is always the option of switching to a lower rate card if they refuse if you can qualify. It helps a lot if you are willing to follow through with your threats. I think credit card companies are getting better at knowing when you are faking it and when you really will leave.

  4. pfadvice says:

    A video I would love to see is you calling up a cable/Internet provider and negotiating down your rate.

    Yes…I need to figure out how to get audio as well as video to work with a phone call (otherwise you’d only hear my side of the conversation), but it is certainly something I’d like to do.

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