Painless Saving – Video Intro

A short introduction to my painless saving philosophy:

As you can see, I’m still trying to get the hang of this video stuff. Some things I learned:

  • No more videos at night – I look like a stalker of some type. Hopefully daylight will bring a bit more light to it.
  • Definitely need to learn how to edit these. The problem I’m having is that the camera puts the videos in MP4 format and none of the video edition tools I have on my computer support that. Suggestions of where I can get a cheap/free converter or program that will edit these files?
  • I think my voice sounds bad when I hear it played back, but it doesn’t compare to seeing myself talk on video. This will take some time to get used to…
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    10 Responses to Painless Saving – Video Intro

    1. Aydin says:

      Hey Heff. I am new here and am looking forward to learning from you. Here is a free mp4 to avi converter: Hope it is what you need.

    2. Aydin says:

      Sorry for misspelling your name! 🙂 H and J are sort of close.

    3. Cap says: should be able to do it.. although it doesn’t compare to full fledge stuff like Adobe Premiere

      haha. I accidentally spit my milk out when I read the part on the stalker. No offense but you should definitely do it in a brighter room, and at a more, um, pleasing camera angle?

      also I keep forgetting to make a comment on it, but what you just mentioned, you also talked about in the money blogger podcast interview.. and I really got say I agree w/ that aspect.. saving money isn’t necessary an end-all to all your spending. extremes, in my opinion, are never a good thing in either spectrum.. and extreme saving and scrimping can probably have some negative impact in the long term.

      the same thing why many diet fail can also apply to financial diets. it’s all about finding that nice balance. anyhow, looking forward to the goods.

    4. Retireyoung says:

      If you have XP it should have windows movie maker. Fairly basic but it does the job.

    5. claire says:

      I give you props for courage. I do not photograph well, and on video it’s even worse. I was on the local news a few months ago talking about a financial services site and it was a horrific experience watching it online later. All my neighbors and coworkers saw it. AUGH! Do I really do that thing with my shoulders when I talk?

      Anyway, the content of what you said is really good. I like how unpolished it is because it feels very accessible, which is the whole point of what you’re saying anyway, right? Saving is a possibility for everyday folks. And here you are, looking like everyday folks in your Nautica T-shirt with your mini blinds behind you, talking about saving.

      However, I think a better backdrop would help a lot., maybe just a more symmetrical part of your home like the couch or the dining room table, something to frame the shot

      Can’t help you with editing. Not my department.

      Go you, Jeffrey. Another innovation.

    6. Cool blog.

      Just get a cheap lamp and put it in front and above you (behind your monitor) so you get a decent shadow _under_ your eye sockets and nose. Night time is actually better because then you control 100% of the light effect.

    7. LuxLivingFrugalis says:

      Wow – that was great Ben Af. look-a-like!! You are doing great and I’m looking forward to seeing more!

      Hint – it looks like a zuchinni is growing out of your head w/maybe skis or something propped in the corner. Uhhh – Dude – move left or right or move the skis! :D!! I found it hard to concentrate on what you were saying! And had to listen twice to get full content.

      Keep up the good work – these will be great. You sound fine.


    8. lexi says:

      I see the zuchinni too! LOL! Really, keep up the work, we all need this!

    9. boomeyers says:

      Great job! You spoke cleary and stated your point. Look forward to more videos!

    10. Mark Pris says:

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