Skills Needed For Personal Finance

personal finance skillsI had an interesting question emailed to me the other day:

What in your opinion are the most important skill sets to have in order to be successful with your personal finances? Is it essential to be organized or to not like shopping? Are there skills that can’t be learned that are essential to stay out of debt? Which skills help you the most when you are dealing with personal finance. I’m afraid that I don’t have the skills necessary to get my personal finances in order…

There have been a number of opinions given on what skill sets are helpful in personal finances: discipline, determination, consistency, patience and creativity to name just a few.

There are certainly


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  1. I guess “goal-setting” and “tenacity” could fall under organization. I would also say that “measuring” is another key thing and would fall under organization as well. If you keep careful track of where you are in relation to your goals, you can know sooner rather than later if you’ve fallen off-track.

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