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Sanyo Xacti Video CameraI finally purchased a video camera which I hope to use quite a bit in the months to come. I went against my normal shopping habits on this one and I hope that will ultimately be for the better in the long run. Usually when I shop for something, I do a lot of research, get on that has been recommended highly with lot of the latest technology for a good price. If I were going to be using this camera strictly for myself, then I would have probably followed that same course of action.

Since I hope to utilize this to a decent degree here and on the main site, I decided that the number one priority was size. Even if that meant giving up quality and gadgets, size was the over-riding factor for the purchase. I wanted something that I could place in my pocket and take anywhere I wanted to go and that tremendously narrowed down the options I had.

I finally decided on the Sanyo Xacti because it’s size it just slightly bigger than a cell phone (it’s even smaller than the digital camera I currently have). I decided that size was the priority because when it comes to saving money and then using that money to invest for your future, it’s a constant. A lot of it depends on the decisions that you make on a daily basis and unexpected opportunities that arise. To be able to catch as many of these as possible, i needed a video recorder that was easy and convenient to take with me where ever I go. Anything that was in the least bit bulky and couldn’t fit into my pocket would be left behind much more often than taken.

I’m not sure having one over riding feature to go by is the best way to buy something, but I’m hoping that the rest of the functions are good even if they aren’t great. I will be spending this week playing around with it and seeing if I can get it to work – this should be an amusing test of my complete lack of technical skills.

Another decision I made was to go for a cheaper model and instead invest in lots of memory and batteries. While I don’t imagine I’ll have it on constantly, I’d like to have lots of excess memory and battery life so that there is never an issue that I come across something interesting and I don’t have space or the battery is dead.

I’m really not sure how this purchase will change this blog, but hope that it will bring a different perspective to personal finance and investing. I also hope that it will bring to life some of the lighter sides of making monetary decisions and how they can affect your pocket book. We shall see, but i am excited and looking forward to trying a new and expanded approach to pf blogging.

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  1. Jason says:

    I will be really interested to see how you utilize it with the site.

    As far as buying the camera, it’s not always a bad idea to focus on one quality if that is the most important. Also, you can upgrade to something nicer later if you think you need the features after getting some use out of it.

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