Back & Ready For Bed

It’s late here (approaching 1:00 AM) and I’ve just arrive back from Vegas about an hour ago. Both Nate and I had a great time and there are actually a few stories about personal finance and other money related issues to pass a long. I also have a nice assortment of photos to share. I’m just beat at the moment (plane was full and I ended up in a center row seat – not fun with my height – it was also delayed 30 minutes after we had all loaded on, there was a screaming baby two rows up and a small child that liked jumping all around in the seat in front of me). Let’s just say that getting a few hours of shut eye is what I need before writing all the events that took place.

I must say that the staff at the airports have done a good job at streamlining the check in process. There wasn’t near the time delay or hassles I experienced on Friday. I would really be in bad shape if that weren’t the case…

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