How World Events Effect Your Pocket Book

carry-on ban list

With the latest airline terrorist plot in the UK, I’m expecting even the short jaunt to Las Vegas to be a major hassle getting through the airport. I’m hoping that since I’m taking a fairly early flight I will be spared the brunt of it, but still plan to get there at least 1.5 to 2 hours early to make sure it all goes smoothly.

While the new no carry-on liquids policy will cost me very little on this trip (mostly in time), I bet it adds an extra $20+ to the cost of trips for those who do travel a lot – especially those who travel for business. Since basic toiletries can’t be carried on anymore and most business people don’t check through their luggage, it


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9 Responses to How World Events Effect Your Pocket Book

  1. edenz says:

    No beverages! Are they going to provide actual bottles of water on the plane? ‘Cause those itsy-bitsy cups the attendants give you are NOT enough to keep hydrated. I usually bring a 28oz bottle and drink all of it.

  2. makingitbig says:

    CVS and the hotel gift shops must love this no toothpaste policy. I wonder if stock in Crest shot up yesterday.

  3. LAMoneyGuy says:

    Hey Jeffrey,
    I’m heading out to Vegas as well. Luckily, I’m not going through LAX, but burbank airport. Still not looking forward to getting through the airport.

  4. King of Debt says:

    Don’t forget too that many airlines have played around with the ideas of charging to check baggage. Like 2-5 bucks per bag. This could become reality, especially since the airlines are financially equipped to handle the increase costs of hiring more baggage carriers to handle the increased checked baggage.

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  6. Reader says:

    All you have to do is check your luggage. Then, you don’t have to buy anything when you get there.

  7. Reader says:

    Besides, the carry on ‘policy’ is only temporarily to boot.

  8. byusteeler says:

    Sounds simple enough to just check your bags. And there are pros to it. boarding and deplaning are much faster and there haven’t been as many problems with carry on bags. However, for those traveling international it is much more inconvenient. We’re talking 14 hours without being able to brush your teeth. The airplane is very dry and some people get dry eyes, no eyedrops or contact lens solution. No lotion for dry itchy skin. If you only travel once in a while still not a big deal, but if you travel international several times a year the discomfort is compounded. Oh, and I have to be careful how I word this but freedom involves risk and it is frightening to me how easily people are willing to give up there freedom because of a little fear. To put things in perspective and here is the part I have to word carefully, People can still bring liquids, gels, electronics etc. into malls, hotels, theme parks, etc. Think about it!

  9. byusteeler says:

    To edenz: Ask for 2 or 3 glasses of water at a time. the airline cups are usually around 6 oz so to make up the 28 oz you usually drink you should drink about 5 glasses.

    To King of debt: You couldn’t blame the airlines if they have to start charging for checked luggage. This latest threat has been extremely expensive for the airlines. Also, they make a lot of money on cargo and have had to turn away some cargo to accommodate extra checked luggage.

    To the reader who says: “all you have to do is check your luggage” the airlines are suggesting at most destinations to arrive 1 hour before your flight if you have nothing to check and 2 hours before if you are checking luggage. Then there is the additional 1/2 hour you wait to claim your luggage. 1 1/2 hours doesn’t seem like a lot and again for the once a decade traveller it’s not, but for the road warrior this could be a loss of a substatial amount of time over a year. And what about lost luggage or luggage that makes your connection and you don’t or visa versa.

    finally reader who says “temporary” . I just say “we’ll see”

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