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Crowded At The Airport

airport security check line

***The photo doesn’t due justice – the line for the security check went all the way back to the arrival baggage claim area and took an hour to get through at 6:00 AM***

The airports today were quite an experience. Glad that I arrived 2 hours in advance, I left on a 7:20 flight and even at that hour, there was an hour wait to get through the security check. I’d hate to have seen the lines a few hours after I left.

Due to not allowing any gels or liquids on flights, the check in counter was also a mess. A lot of people who would have usually self checked themselves through had to get their baggage checked making the lines to the counters pretty long. I certainly feel for the desk staff today.

The other result from this was that there was a huge amount of room in the over-head bins on the plane. I was one of the last people on the plane which usually means I have to store my computer under the seat, but most of the bins were only half full. They were strictly enforcing the 2 pieces of baggage rule which I think also kept the amount of carry-on baggage to a minimum.

Once arriving in Las Vegas. it wasn’t too bad getting the luggage. It seemed that we had to wait a bit longer than usual, but not a whole lot. I figure that the baggage handlers are dealing with a lot more with the new rules so that may have been part of the delay.

As I’m waiting for Nate”s plane to arrive, I checked to see what the best way to get to our hotel is. We’re staying at the Golden Nugget which is a bit off the strip. Taxis look to be $25 to $30 and the shuttles would be $7 each…guess which way we’re going to be going?

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