Airline Ticket Change Penalties

airplaneI’m off to Las Vegas to meet with Nate in less than 7 hours and it will be nice to get away for a couple of days. Originally I purchased a ticket leaving Friday morning and returning Sunday evening, but Nate decided to take a plane back Monday morning. I decided to try and change my return flight from Sunday night to sometime Monday and they wanted an extra $400. That is more than the entire ticket and hotel rooms cost me, so that was definitely a no go.

It goes to show how much you have to pay when something unexpected happens and you aren’t able to plan well in advance. This doesn’t apply solely to airline tickets, but it is a good example. When things have to be done quickly without a lot of thought or planning, it will cost you significantly more money than if you have the time to get it taken care of in advance in most cases. Of course, it’s impossible to prepare for every emergency and circumstance, but if you find you are not organized and your finances are in poor shape, you may want to look at your organizational skills as a first step.

Even though I’m still coming back Sunday, we did pick up an extra day at the hotel. It was only another $37 (if you’re going to Vegas, the weekdays are so much cheaper than the weekends) and since I have a later flight, it will actually benefit me too. Out of curiosity, I did check what the rooms were going for now compared to when I booked them and the same ones had doubled in price. yet another example as to how last minute travelers to Vegas this weekend will be paying more than double the price for the exact same travel because they did not plan in advance…

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  1. makingitbig says:

    In terms of planning for airfares, I’ve been using this new site called Farecast, which predicts how the ticket prices will change over the next X amount of weeks.

    Right now it only works for flights leaving from Boston and Seattle, but it helped me find the right time to buy my tickets to go to San Fran in September.

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