The New Alpha Guy

I mentioned that we had picked up a few new blogs that we added to our growing family last week. We found a writer for one of them. I’d like to extend a big welcome to Khyron who will be writing the Alpha Guy from now on:

…As for my background, I studied electrical engineering in college but ended up crafting my own computer engineering curriculum until I took time off to explore the world of work. I did manage to slip in some business classes while in college, as well. I’ve been following investing and finance since I was 13, and investing on various levels since my last year interning for NASA in the early 90s. I tend to be an asset allocator, but I do believe in risk capital, because sometimes you just need some alpha.

I hope that everyone will visit and add him to their rss feeds. Also, if there is anyone with an investing, personal finance or other money related site that interested in trading links with him, please let me know

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