Learning From The Pro

I’ve never understood how the coupon people are able to get those really great deals. Even when Flash explained her $330 In Groceries For $27 I still wondered if there was some type of trick to it which would keep the average person from getting these deals. I began to pay close attention to the things she taught to do and began to keep my eyes open for deals that were out there.

So I’m both elated and a bit in shock at my first major triumph. Not only did I save money, I was able to earn money which I had heard others talk about, but also didn’t really understand how it could be done. Here is how I did it.

I was at a Longs Drug Store to get some over-the counter medicine for my sister. I saw that they were advertising a $10 gift card in the form of a rebate if you purchased 5 Colgate-Palmolive products. This immediately caught my eye because I had recently written, emailed and called Colgate-Palmolive because one of their products had caused a rash and they had sent me a load of coupons for their products as a result.

As I checked what I had, I realized that I had 3 free and two $0.75 off coupons I could use for deodorant. This meant I could get all five for $3.28 including tax and I will also receive a $10 gift card (the rebate form has been sent, adding another $0.39 to the total). So $3.69 out of my pocket resulted in 5 deodorant sticks and a $10 gift card for a net profit of $6.33.

Now there was a bit of cheating there since I had 3 free because I had done an experiment at which is the best way to complain and I wouldn’t usually have done that. In reality I should have just had one free and one $0.75 off which would have resulted in me paying $8.40 for the 5 items and a $10 gift certificate, still a profit of $1.60. Even if I didn’t have any type of discount, the deal was pretty enticing. The items were on sale for $1.99 each meaning that even after tax, the total would have come to $11.14 meaning each deodorant stick would have cost a mere $0.23.

This was even a greater savings because deodorant is something I usually buy when I’m running out of it and that means full retail price. If I compare it that way, I would have spent $17.77 for the same 5 items. A $6.33 credit sure is a lot better than a $17.77 deficit.

Now all these numbers are worthless if they are simply written down here. The most important factor to making deals like this worthwhile to your saving or investments, is that the savings have to be moved to those savings or investments. So not to spoil this shopping coup, I moved the $24.10 I saved to my online banking account.

While I still have a lot to learn when it comes to using coupons to gain the maximum savings, I know that if I can do it, anyone can. It has been a good first step. I also learned the importance of writing to companies to both complain and praise their products when appropriate since this can result in dramatic savings down the line. The next step is to take it to everyday grocery shopping

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3 Responses to Learning From The Pro

  1. Jill says:

    Excellent! I love finding deals like this, but I do not usually transfer the funds to savings. Good job!

  2. Mary Ann says:

    That’s great! Be warned though…….couponing and rebating it very contagious. You’ll enjoy getting good deals out there. Beleive me there are great deals out there all the time!! You did a good job!

  3. mom2fur says:

    Great job! Now…I will tell you a secret. You did not hear it from me, LOL! Look at the UPC code on the coupon. If it starts with 5 it will double even if it says do-not-double. Now look at the next numbers. Even if the coupon doesn’t mention a product, if the numbers match it will work. For instance, a coupon may only be for low-fat Breyer’s ice cream…but it will work on the regular stuff because they have the same code. It isn’t something I’d do on a regular basis because it’s sort of (okay it really is) unethical. But I honestly think this is how some of those coupon queens are so successful. And I guess they must avoid the cashiers who are ‘coupon police,’ LOL!

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