Jobs That Cost Nothing To Start

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I had a discussion with a friend this past weekend. He was trying to convince me that in order to start a business today, it costs a lot of money. While I will concede that it can cost a lot of money to begin a wide variety of businesses, there are also many that can be started for very little money.

I gave him the example of the dog walker I had run into a couple of weeks ago. While I was eating lunch, the dog walker came down the street with six dogs, let them all free to run around in the grass area, put them all back on their chains and started walking them home in the hour I was sitting there. What are the costs to starting a dog walking business? Very little.

I approached him and asked how much he charged to walk the dogs. He said he charged $20 to $25. Multiply that by 6 dogs and that comes to $120 – $150. Even with taking the dogs to the park and taking them back, I would estimate it would take him 2 hours round trip, maybe three at the very most. I figure he can make 2 trips a day at the minimum ($240 – $300) and possible three trips ($360 – $450) a day. That is certainly a decent income for a job that costs practically nothing to begin.

As I talked with my friend more, it seemed that is wasn’t the fact that businesses can be started with little money (I’m another example of that), but that money isn’t instantaneous. If you’re hired with a base salary, you get a paycheck a few weeks later and that certainly isn’t the case when you start a business. It probably took the dog walker a fair amount of time (most likely a lot longer than a few weeks) to find the customers he has.

What I finally figured out was that he felt if you have a lot of money to start a business, then you have extra money to pay yourself a salary while the business is getting off the ground. This gives you security while the business is getting off the ground so you can do it full time instead of part-time as you grow it. While I understand his thinking, it doesn’t change the fact that there are a lot of opportunities out there that cost little money to get the enterprise going…

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  2. everysec says:

    Great example of a way to make a few bucks. I remember when I was a kid there was a local dog walker that used to take up to 10 dogs for a walk at once. The walking around with all those dogs was all the advertising he needed to do. His only over heads were plastic bags and a pooper scooper.

  3. prlinkbiz says:

    What a great post! I was just talking about this topic with my partner in crime over at No Limits. She’s going to start More Money Mondays, with regular tips like this post. If you have time or skill you can trade it to make money, it’s really that simple. Even with larger scale businesses, this is true. Sometimes it does take money to make money, but it doesn’t have to be your money (my blog this week is about my experience starting a business with OPM!)!

  4. Loi Tran says:

    I am also trying to create websites to make some passive income. I am registering some domain names and starting to work on them right now.

    I read soemwhere on this blog that you have 20+ websites that generate some decent income. Do you have any tips?

  5. pfadvice says:

    I read somewhere on this blog that you have 20+ websites that generate some decent income. Do you have any tips?

    I’ve been receiving more requests and questions like this lately. Let me first state that it isn’t easy, or at least hasn’t been easy for us. We’ve put a lot of work and a lot of hours into it to get where we currently are. I think that is true of any business.

    It has really helped us that we had one main website that was fairly popular to begin with. That gives us a platform to launch all our new sites and helps us get them indexed quickly.

    You also need to find ways to drive traffic to them. If you think that you can create a site and it will become popular on its own, you’ll likely be disappointed. It’s important to get word out or they will simply sit there.

    I don’t have a tried and true method. Some of the sites we’ve placed up earn less than $1 a month while others earn several hundred. Keeping them updated is important for most (although on of our best performing satellite sites has never been updated since it first went up – an exception to the rule).

    I guess if I get more questions like this, I’ll have to put together a list of the things we do…

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  8. Pascy says:

    I am wondering, what kind of dogs they are ?! Maybe the price was meant per week ? If I think how much I am paying a babysitter per hour… is a dog so much more worth 🙂

    best regards

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  9. prlinkbiz says:

    Pascy- the pet business is a billion dollar industry- people take their pets very seriously these days! As evidenced by the dog gear, doggy daycares, doggy bakeries, spas, etc. To some people- their dogs (animals) ARE their children. You may be surprised!

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  11. Denise says:

    Would love to know more about the no money to start a bussiness, most of them have been scams

  12. minny says:

    There is a money saving site in the UK that gives masses advice on all aspects of debt and saving. On the ‘Debt Free Wannabee’ part of the forum there are threads called ‘Make

  13. minny says:

    Sorry, didn’t make myself clear. It is an EXTRA

  14. Hi I’m running a dog walking, dog sitting and cat sitting business in Belgium, Brussels. I just wanted to add that it is a real job that takes energy and good organisation, it’s not that easy when you have many dogs and cats to look after. It can be very fun though.
    Thank you.

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