Emigrant Improves Sign Up Process

Emigrant Direct American Dream Savings Account

While there were a lot of complaints about the Emigrant system in the first few days after their website overhaul, one thing that I haven’t notice anyone report on is that Emigrant actually made a huge change that makes opening an account vastly easier. In the past when you opened an account with Emigrant, you had to wait several weeks for a snail mail confirmation come with your account number. It wasn’t until this account number arrived in the mail that you could actually open the account meaning the experience was a month long process. This discouraged a lot of people from signing up even though their interest rates were good.

With the website update, they changed this policy


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6 Responses to Emigrant Improves Sign Up Process

  1. kassy says:

    What I found odd about their new site, was that in order to link a new checking account to my existing emigrant account, I still have to mail them a voided check even though I gave them my checking account number and bank routing number online. Seems like a duplication of effort, but their new site is much improved over their old so I won’t complain too much.

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  3. Tyler says:

    Of course, they make this change right after I sign up to get an account.

    *still waiting for that letter*

  4. pfadvice says:

    Of course, they make this change right after I sign up to get an account.

    *still waiting for that letter*

    You may want to call them…they may now be able to give that information over the phone to speed it up a bit.

  5. Tyler says:

    Actually, I can now just log right into the account. The two deposits are on their way.

  6. Connie says:

    I would like to join, but would only want the deposit to come from my savings account. How can I do that, without sending a ‘voided check’ since savings accounts don’t have voided checks?
    Thaks, Connie

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