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Costco Quietly Raises Membership Prices

If you have a Costco (COST) membership, you will see that the prices have bumped up a bit the next time you renew. Those that have Costco American Express cards should see the increase in your statement and you can also see the new prices at the Costco site:

  • Costco Gold Star memberships: Increasing from $45 to $50
  • Costco Business memberships: Increasing from $45 to $50
  • Costco Business (additional memberships): Increasing from $35 to $40
  • Costco Executive memberships: Remaining at $100

    Credit goes to Sweepsplayer in the forums

  • 2 thoughts on “Costco Quietly Raises Membership Prices

    1. Costco is relentless in its quest to get information about its customers.

      They don’t extend credit yet their store application asks for your D.O.B., SS#, etc. Whats up with this? I refused to put this information on the application because I WASN’T APPLYING FOR CREDIT. I didn’t appreciate them taking my pic or recording my driver’s licence when they asked to see it for identity purposes. GRR

      Why would they need this for those who are paying with cash? Why do they let you use an ATM at the gas pump but NOT inside?

      I hope others share this with those who care about their privacy and not reward Costco for invading their privacy or possibly exposing them to I.D. theft.

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