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Paying Off Credit Card Debt

My apologies in advance on the poor lighting. Still working on that… When you’re in debt and you have managed to save a bit of money, by far the best investment the majority of people can make is to put … Continue reading

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Gift Card Guidelines

I’ve stated before that I’m not a big gift card fan, and this is especially true of the bank branded gift cards. It seems that they are getting more complaints as the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) … Continue reading

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Separate Savings

I’ve talked about this quite a bit before. – the fact that saving money is a two step process and that paying less for something doesn’t necessarily mean that you have saved money. After you have found a way to … Continue reading

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Blogoversary – New Sat Site

I took notice that over the last couple of months a lot of personal finance writers have had the blogoversaries. As I sometimes do, after reading about one of these (I can’t remember exactly which one which is a shame … Continue reading

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Do You Have A Reward Debit Card?

Do you have a reward debit card? If so, there is a TV production company that would like to interview you for a report they are putting together on debit reward cards. Julie McCoy, who is a TV news producer … Continue reading

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Ingenious Car Refinancing – Prosper

There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than seeing someone take a new technology and use it to their advantage to save money – especially when it is done creatively and produces painless savings. I came across a woman … Continue reading

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Halloween Is Here

Is it just me, or are holiday decorations going out earlier and earlier than they have in the past. I walked into a drug store today to see them placing up three aisles of Halloween goods. It’s hard for me … Continue reading

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Building A Blog Community Network

I’ve had several people ask me how Nate and I have built our blog community. For those who are not familiar, we also run the website where we have an area where we have a personal finance blog community … Continue reading

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Free Personal Finance Materials

If you are looking for some basic (but free) personal finance materials, Visa is giving away a number of informational items fro free from their Practical Money Skills site: Free Solar Powered Calculator PMSFL Teachers Guide W/2PK CD – a … Continue reading

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IRS Form 8888 – Split Refund

I mentioned earlier that the IRS was planning to allow taxpayers to designate their refund to several accounts rather than just one beginning next year. The IRS just released a sample copy of IRS Form 8888 which will allow you … Continue reading

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Lower Credit Card Interest Rates

For those that regularly read personal financial blogs, magazines or other sources, the vast majority of the information in this video series will be fairly basic. One of the things about saving money is that most people already know how … Continue reading

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Invest In Hurricanes

If you had any doubt that you could use your instincts to predict virtually any future event and make money, that doubt should quickly be fading. HedgeStreet, an online futures market which is government regulated has launched “hurricane contracts” to … Continue reading

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Farecast – Predict The Cost Of Your Airline Tickets

Here is an interesting site that I came across today. The name of it is FareCast and it uses an algorithm to predict the future prices of airline tickets to the destination where you want to go so you know … Continue reading

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Painless Saving – Video Intro

A short introduction to my painless saving philosophy: As you can see, I’m still trying to get the hang of this video stuff. Some things I learned: No more videos at night – I look like a stalker of some … Continue reading

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Skills Needed For Personal Finance

I had an interesting question emailed to me the other day: What in your opinion are the most important skill sets to have in order to be successful with your personal finances? Is it essential to be organized or to … Continue reading

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Video Test

This is my first video attempt with my new digital video camera. Since my main concern was whether or not I could 1) take the video 2) upload the video to my computer 3) edit the video and 4) upload … Continue reading

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Free College Textbooks – Freeload Press

This little find comes courtesy of the savviest young one you’re likely to meet. With the cost of college textbooks now costing approximately $900 a year, finding ways to save on them is a top priority for a lot of … Continue reading

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Zombie Debt

I was contacted by a friend that was having trouble with a collection agency regarding a very old debt she had. In fact, the debt was over 9 years old so she assumed that it was long history, but all … Continue reading

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Sanyo Xacti – New Video Camera

I finally purchased a video camera which I hope to use quite a bit in the months to come. I went against my normal shopping habits on this one and I hope that will ultimately be for the better in … Continue reading

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Saving Is Degrading – Northwest Airlines

For those of you who have not been watching the news lately, Northwest Airlines handed out a booklet to their employees who were going to be laid off including a section called “101 Ways To Save Money” – the airline … Continue reading

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