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Will Eggs One Day Be Free?

I was reading an article that CBS will be advertising its shows on some 35 million eggs in the near future. While the concept is unique and will certainly grab some headlines, it seems to me that if it is … Continue reading

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Emotion Detection Monitoring System

So you are talking with an associate at your credit card company and you want to get the attention of a manager there. Which of the following may get you a chance to speak with a manager? A) Raising your … Continue reading

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How Car Insurance Rates Are Calculated

One simple way that you can receive painless savings is to compare your auto insurance on a yearly basis. This gives you savings due to competition in the market place, but you can also create more savings by understanding how … Continue reading

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Who Says Nothing Is Free?

I was with a friend and stopped in at a gas station today to find that the California lawmakers have ensured that air and water at gas stations are free. This must have happened while I was away in Japan, … Continue reading

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Personal Finances – A New View

I often get frustrated when I see the advice that people get when it comes to personal finances. This is especially true when the people are spending more than they are earning. They are almost always told that they must … Continue reading

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Better Way To Convert ING Referrals

We have come to milestone – we have now given away over 500 ING Direct $25 bonuses to people opening an ING account through us. We have been quite successful in making money with this program and I get emails … Continue reading

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Big Spender – Debt Reduction Reality TV

Debt reduction has become reality TV. I have no idea if this is a new show or one that has been around for awhile (remember, I’ve been in Japan), but I came across a reality TV show called “Big Spender” … Continue reading

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Yahoo Ads Experiment Update

I mentioned a few days ago that we were trying out Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) on a couple of our satellite sites to see how they compared to Google’s Adsense. While we had planned to do the experiment for the … Continue reading

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One Red Paper Clip = House

A big hand to Kyle MacDonald who turned a common household item which virtually everyone has lying around (one red paper clip) into something many of us spend years of our life paying for (a fully paid for house) in … Continue reading

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Being In A Hurry Costs Me Money

I wrote a while back that lack of sleep costs me money and how things that seem to have absolutely nothing to do with money can actually end up being a fairly large drain on your wallet. I found out … Continue reading

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The Lawnmower Diet

I was intrigued with an article I read about the other day. There is this guy named Darrell Nelson who was sweating up a storm mowing his own lawn and trying to think of a way to lose a few … Continue reading

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Buying Lottery Tickets Out Of Fear

I’ve written before at how useless it is to purchase lottery tickets with the long odds they have, although there are a lot of people out there that still believe that the way to become financial secure is to win … Continue reading

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Getting Paid To Receive Letters

Back in November 2005, I wrote a post about a company that supposedly would pay you money to receive letters. I applied and never heard a thing back from them until today when I received the following email: Hello Mr. … Continue reading

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Experimenting With Yahoo Ads

Nate and I have decided to experiment a bit with Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) this month on two of our satellite sites and see how they compare to the results we’ve been getting with Google AdSense. While Google has been … Continue reading

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Wealth Coins

Hmmmm, it looks like my wealth coin experiment has died… I haven’t heard from any of the coins in about 3 weeks now which certainly isn’t a good sign. I guess I will continue to hope that the coins will … Continue reading

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Coupon Newbie Begins

As I mentioned last week, I am going to see if a total non coupon person can really get great savings by using coupons with the help of a coupon expert. So I turned to Flash for some advice and … Continue reading

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2006 Goals Review – June

I missed going through my goals last month as I was busy with the move, so I definitely want to get through them this month – especially since we’ve reached the half year mark. We’ve made progress in a lot … Continue reading

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