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water storeWhile I think that drinking water is a great way to save money that can make you over $1000 richer each year, this only works if you are not purchasing the water. As I have written before, there really is no reason to purchase bottled water since it’s a waste of money for the vast majority of people. You can imagine my surprise when I came across a water store. That’s correct. It is a store that sells only water.

I currently live in the heart of Silicon Valley where rents for stores is quite high compared to most other areas in the US, yet this store can survive selling only water. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get good photos of the inside because the person working didn’t want me taking photos.

water storeBasically the store is set up where you can fill up gallon, 5 gallon or 10 gallon jugs with a variety of different types of water they have for sale. Think of it as designer water where it is all still water, but purportedly comes from different places across the US and the world. For this you can pay anywhere from $0.25 to over $5 per gallon. A pretty good business model when you can get the same stuff for practically free from your tap.

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  1. Depends on where you live. In Hong Kong the drinking water meets WHO standards but (i) comes with a funny (i.e. bad) taste or discoloration on some days and (ii) for older buildings is run through some rather dubious and unsanitary piping. In our current building we use a combination of the cheaper bottled water or boiled tap water.

  2. edenz713 says:

    That’s also a problem in some parts of the US. When I lived in Buffalo we got all of our water from Lake Erie. In the summer the tap water became cloudy and tasted terrible. At our old apartment complex the pipes were old and the water tasted metallic. But a water store is a little ridiculous – the cheapest option at the grocery store is good enough.

  3. Frugal Momma says:

    I did a recently poll do you buy bottled water?

    Yes 53%
    No 47%

    I was suprised that so many said yes as I have a frugally minded reading audience but I guess taste and convenience sometimes win out.


  4. GrimJack says:

    I lived in Tucson which had CAP water; it was terrible stuff so we went to a store that just sold water that they reverse-osmosized and double distilled on-site. There really was no option there.

    We buy bottled water by the case when it is on sale for use as our emergency supply of water. In order to keep it fresh, we drink it up at about a case a month; we keep about 5 cases in ‘the shed’. We hope to add a couple of water purifying pumps for extended use. Seattle, like almost all cities, has disasters in its past and future.

    Also, I MUST have my Talking Rain sparkling water – I think I may have an addiction to carbonation??

    And the convenience – instead of washing 2 or 3 glasses per day, we recycle the plastic bottles (crass rationalization – I know)


  5. cwf says:

    I use a simple countertop water filter.
    It costs around 10 cents a gallon! Plus it tastes a lot better than bottled water. And knowing I’m not contributing by throwing away plastic bottles feels good.

  6. vt says:

    I have a Pure Water Store. Do i need to be certify, do I need to regrister my Water with Municiplty of the city? does anyone know?

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