Credit Card Flags

Some interesting comments about having your credit card can get flagged if you make a small purchase at a convenience outlet and then go on to make a big purchase several hours later. From a comment Cliff left:

When I worked at MBNA (now Bank Of America) the fraud department used a lot of different algorithms to detect fishy behavior on cards. The expiration date is, of course, a dead giveaway. But other indications are things like a small purchase at a gas station or convenience store followed immediately by a high-priced item. Most crooks try out the card somewhere inconspicuous, like a convenience store or gas station to make sure the card works. I guess the theory is that if the card fai


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2 Responses to Credit Card Flags

  1. everysec says:

    I haven’t heard of anything like that happening before over here. Do you guys have chip & pin credit cards? While, far from fool proof, I’m sure it has cut down on workload of credit card fraud departments.

  2. pauline says:

    The cards are to a specific person, but are replenish able.

    You can also only make hotel and airline reservations using credit cards.
    Overdraft Item fees are usually charged when a customer writes a check or makes
    a withdrawal of some sort (most times with ATM, debit or check cards) that exceeds the
    balance in the their checking or savings account.

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