Invest In A Set Of Basic Tools

One of the best investments that you can make is to get a set of basic tools for around the home. I spent a good 4 hours yesterday helping my father put in a new fence in their yard. Esimates from others to put it in were from $3000 – $5000, but we managed to get the job done for about $400 in materials (and a lot of sweat).

He recently purchased a new home and has a lot of odd jobs that need to be done and I have been helping (free labor, can’t beat that 😉 ) I am certainly not the handy-man type, but even I can do most basic repairs (I did put a screw-driver through my hand one time – and have the scar to prove it – while putting up a door, but that’s anot


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5 Responses to Invest In A Set Of Basic Tools

  1. junger says:

    Wow, major trackback spam. Thanks for the tips, though!

  2. pfadvice says:

    Wow, major trackback spam

    Yep…filters usually catch most of it , but they certainly didn’t today. All deleted.

  3. ~Dawn says:

    I just love my new cordless drill, I try to find reasons to use it now, even if I could do it by hand…hehehe!

  4. Kevin says:

    I work at Home Depot and right now we’re having a “nationwide clearance event,” which basically means we’re putting just about everything that would be on clearance anyway out on tables so everyone can see it. There are a lot of tools (at my store at least) that are being sold below our cost just to make space and get people in the store. Just look for yellow price stickers.

  5. Chris K says:

    May also add that it’s not necessarily a bad thing to buy the occassional specialty tool when need arises? I got a plumber’s snake ($30) to fix a clogged drain. Wouldn’t have gotten it on its own, but it paid for itself in one use – plus I have it for the future.

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