Will Eggs One Day Be Free?

I was reading an article that CBS will be advertising its shows on some 35 million eggs in the near future. While the concept is unique and will certainly grab some headlines, it seems to me that if it is successful that one day you will be able to get a dozen eggs for free at your local grocery store if you are will to accept advertising on them.

A trip over to EggFusion to look at pricing, but that doesn’t seem to be available on the site at this time. It would be reasonable to assume, however, that if this type of advertising becomes more popular, the egg producers could bypass the middlemen and get advertisers to pay for the eggs for their advertising space and effectively be able to give them away for free (or at a deep discount).

Eggs should have have an appeal to advertisers. As the EggFushion site states:

With most marketing communications, consumers may briefly see or hear a message, but rarely do they tangibly engage with it. Yet with eggs, consumers hand-select, feel, break and interact with the message several times. This engagement becomes especially valuable in the kitchen as moms and dads grab eggs to use in meals and recipes for themselves and their families.

This would have benefits for both involved since it would increase the sales of eggs and egg producers would still be able to get the same amount (if not more) for the eggs they sell. Since grocery stores often use eggs as loss leaders, they would also be happy to be able to advertise in their circulars that a free pack of a dozen eggs is available for free at their stores. It would be similar how you used to be able to get free phone calls by listening to an advertisement. While it certainly won’t happen overnight, don’t be surprised if you see that eggs with advertising on them being free at your grocery store in the future.

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2 Responses to Will Eggs One Day Be Free?

  1. the Prince of Thrift says:

    I am not sure eggs will ever be free the warehouse and the stores will won’t to get as much as possible. I do however see stores running an ad such as….buy a package (or 2) of bacon and get one (1) dozen eggs free. of course that type of sale would not be a regular thing.

  2. Jason says:

    I’m surprised it has taken so long for someone to start doing this. I would have no problem buying eggs with advertising on them if they were alot cheaper.

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