Emotion Detection Monitoring System

So you are talking with an associate at your credit card company and you want to get the attention of a manager there. Which of the following may get you a chance to speak with a manager?

A) Raising your voice
B) Asking nicely to speak with a manager
C) Mentioning a competitor’s name
D) Start using profanities
E) All of the above

The correct answer? E – all of the above. NICE Systems, a company that offers software for call center analysis and is used by the top ten credit card issuers, has a new “emotion detection” monitoring system. This system can contact a manager when the customer’s voice starts to rise when talking with an associate and hits a certain decibel level, when profanities are used or if the name of a competing credit card company name is used in the conversation. The emotion detection technology takes calls where the customer has become angry over the phone, digitizes them and then stores them on a server. The calls can then be batched with all the other customers’ calls who have raised their voices, searched by keyword and emailed as a sound file to managers.

NICE Systems is touting the technology as a way for credit card companies to retain loyal customers and to quickly intervene and diffuse the situation when a good customer becomes angry – in other words, catch and retain the customer before the customer decides to leave. While this emotion detection system may be in place and getting angry may get the attention of a manager, I still believe that your best bet to get a credit card issue resolved is remain calm and to nicely ask to speak to a manager when possible. It is nice, however, to know that if you do get angry, it may go above the associate level even though you never speak to anyone else on the phone.

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