Big Spender – Debt Reduction Reality TV

Big Spender - debt reduction reality TV Debt reduction has become reality TV. I have no idea if this is a new show or one that has been around for awhile (remember, I’ve been in Japan), but I came across a reality TV show called “Big Spender” on the cable channel A&E (Sunday Nights, 5:30pm EST)

Now this is not a show that is helpful for the average person trying to get their finances in order as it focuses on people who are extremes. For example, here is the information for the July 16 ans 23 episodes:

Sunday, July 16 @ 5:30pm/4:30C: Lourdes and James’ financial reality is a far cry from the image they maintain. They’re fancy furnishings, elaborate wedding and brand-name clothing habit have them over $400,000 in debt and on the path to bankruptcy. Have they gone too far or can our personal money expert Larry Winget save them from themselves before they hit rock bottom?

Sunday, July 23 @ 5:30pm/4:30C: Every single day Jessica shops. Every single day she puts her family more in debt. Her shopping problem is so severe, that she has racked up over 50 credit cards and almost $94,000 worth of debt. The birth of her twins last year has done little to slow down her spending. But, it has begun to affect her relationship with her partner Denise. Our personal money management expert Larry Winget comes in to rescue these two from the financial crisis that’s threatening their future and their family.

While entertaining in the fact it’s hard to believe that people live so beyond their means, it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t help the average person trying to get their finances in order. While it might make most people feel good knowing that there are people far worse off than them, it doesn’t give the viewer the tools to take information away and apply it to their less extreme situation (at least the episode I saw).

It seems that TV has decided that it is only extreme cases which have entertainment value rather than providing solid information. When someone is spending $1000 a month on designer clothes which they can’t afford, giving advice to stop buying those clothes is correct, but it doesn’t apply to 99% of those watching the show and isn’t helpful in any way to them…

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4 Responses to Big Spender – Debt Reduction Reality TV

  1. manuela martins says:

    my husband and i are deeply in debt and i work approx. 60 hours a week just trying to pay the bills. my husband also works and neither of us are spending money frivously, yet we cant seem to get ahead or even catch up. i haven’t seen a show that talks to those of us who aren’t out there spending thousands of dollars on nothing yet we can’t get ahead of the game. will we see a show about the average persons who story isn’t severe drama but just as stressful and in dire need of help?

  2. Cheri Brizz says:

    I love your show and am learning a lot. You have never addressed the plight of people on fixed incoms. I have Disability SSI and cannot work. I still hacve several debts to repay and others just keep popping up.
    I’m tired of getting anxiety over having 23cents left to last until my next check arrives. I now have two dollars and nine days to wais.
    I have cancled cable,land line phone,and come spring my internet will have to go. I’ll have to go to the library. Oh my car is gone as well.I have also stopped buying junk magazines. I figured that freeded up about $60 a month. Where else can I cut back. No, I don’t go out to eat.
    I hope you can shed some light on my situation.
    Cheri Brizz
    Sandwich, IL is wonderful at this time of year.
    Out side

  3. Tyanna says:

    I’ve managed to catch the show just now and it’s intresting. I’ve watched other such shows in the past and he’s give the same advice just with more attitude.

    I’m currently watching one about a 25 year old student who’s 60k in debt. She has 7 credit cards. He told her to pay off the one with the most intrest first. What? How is that good advice?

    Call the credit card companies and see what one will give you the best inrest rate deal and transfer as much debt as you can over to that one. I’ve done that a few times as a student. You can get as low at 5.59% intrestest!!!

    I can’t beleive a fininacial advisor didn’t tell her to call the credit card companies. It’s flabergasting to me.

    It makes me wonder about his credentials in this matter.

  4. krobin says:

    Debt I’m in over my head I have two house notes two car note only one car tons of credit cards and two kids. I work everyday but can’t get a break put some real people on this show.

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