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Yahoo Ads Experiment Update

I mentioned a few days ago that we were trying out Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) on a couple of our satellite sites to see how they compared to Google’s Adsense. While we had planned to do the experiment for the entire month, it took less than a week for us to come to some conclusions.

The ads that were displaying on Grocery Coupon Guide were accurate, but dominated by an advertisement for Cool Savings. While this ad paid more than most of the Google ads, it is from a company that anyone that does couponing on a regular basis is already aware of (like trying to find a new person to sign up for eBay) and therefore click-through plummeted – to about 15% of what Google ads were generating. We decided we couldn’t continue this for a full month and switched back to Google Adsense on that site.

Before you think that YPN isn’t worthwhile, we have decided to keep in on the other site we were testing: Frugal Gardening. While click-throughs on this site have also fallen, they haven’t to near the degree on the other site and a higher payout is more than making up for the lower click-through. We’ll continue to evaluate it until the end of the month to see if this trend continues.

This preliminary data shows us that it really depends on the website as to which of the two programs seems to preform better and may mean we’ll have to test it on other sites to see how the two fare against each other…

2 thoughts on “Yahoo Ads Experiment Update

  1. Your results so far are in line with what I’ve heard from other people. Just about everyone indicates that the clicks from YPN pay more but that they get fewer–sometimes a LOT fewer. I might need to try them for myself on a new site I’m setting up (too nervous to try it on the main one though).

  2. Hey Jeffrey, thanks for sharing this your YPN experience with us. I never try YPN before since it is only giving service to U.S. From what you are saying, the “clicking” rate drop because of the an ad that appears which you said it is trying to ask a new person to sign up Ebay. So the quality of ad will really affect the rate…..

    If this really true, so what about other company that not as famous as Google Adsense and YPN? will them even worst? Just curious on this…..

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