One Red Paper Clip = House

A big hand to Kyle MacDonald who turned a common household item which virtually everyone has lying around (one red paper clip) into something many of us spend years of our life paying for (a fully paid for house) in a matter of 14 trades. That’s right – one red paper clip man managed to reach his goal of trading a red paper clip for a house.

It goes to show that there are still opportunities around every corner even where you least expect them if you’re willing to try…

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2 Responses to One Red Paper Clip = House

  1. Everysec says:

    Hear, hear. At this stage I think he’s earned the house.

    Additionally, he’s idea was certainly more interesting than another pixel ad site!

  2. Rani says:

    The first one to come up with an idea usually wins. Everyone, have some idea and take the courage to work it.

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