The Lawnmower Diet

I was intrigued with an article I read about the other day. There is this guy named Darrell Nelson who was sweating up a storm mowing his own lawn and trying to think of a way to lose a few extra pounds. A light went on in his head and the light bulb went on in his head: why not put an add on Craigslist offering to mow a few people’s lawns for free to work off the weight?

The logic seemed pretty straightforward:

I have struggled on sticking to exercise programs, including just walking, for quite awhile now. Trust me when I say I know how to exercise. I used to compete in powerlifting many years ago. I now lack the commitment to myself to go out and exercise. I figure if I make a comm


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5 Responses to The Lawnmower Diet

  1. cw says:

    I couldn’t tell from the article, but is he using other ppl’s mowers or his own? Are these ppl covering his basic expenses (e.g., gasoline, equipment upkeep, transporation to and from the site)? In this sense, I don’t think you can fully say that he is pulling this off without expense (unless his “customers” give him voluntary tips to cover basic costs). However, your point is still valid/very sound, as whatever gas/maintenance/etc. costs, it is surely *far* less than one could hope to pay for a gym membership, personal trainer, diet program, etc. Quite a cool story/idea. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. swarovski says:

    Great idea until he keels over from heart attack. Its not just the exercise its also a little less grazing he needs to do! Still its a start. Good effort.

  4. ScruffyMoo says:

    Its not a bad idea. It gets you out of the house and if you save the money, by the end of the holiday it should pay for a small break away.

  5. Vulpine says:

    Personally, I have the guy’s same problem, and it’s certainly not from “grazing”. Rather, it’s from inactivity due to the fact that I sit at my computer some 10 to 14 hours a day on average. Even though I eat relatively lightly, I’ve gained 10 pounds in the last 6 months and I’m roughly 50 pounds overweight.

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