Experimenting With Yahoo Ads

Nate and I have decided to experiment a bit with Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) this month on two of our satellite sites and see how they compare to the results we’ve been getting with Google AdSense. While Google has been kind to us on most of the sites, we have been wanting to compare how Yahoo stacks up against them now that is has been live for awhile now.

We chose Grocery Coupon Guide and Frugal Gardening as the two sites to use in this experiment which we will do for the entire month. Both get a decent number of visitors and should give us a good barometer to gauge how the two advertising mediums work in comparison. We are both quite interested to see whether click-through rates


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  1. Jason says:

    I will definately be interested in seeing the results. Everyone always talks about google adsense when talking about ads but I never hear anyone mention their experiences with yahoo.

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