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July Goal Review

We had a good July (knock on wood) and have seen some improvements on performance on a few of the satellite sites that hadn’t been performing as well as we had hoped in the past. In fact, we have reached … Continue reading

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Pharmacy Competition to Save On Rx

For anyone that has medical conditions that require prescription drugs, you know that they can take a large amount out of your budget. What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are a number of ways to save … Continue reading

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Paid To Receive Letters Update

I’ve made a couple of entries about a company that will pay you to receive letters. I received my latest notice a couple of days ago saying that the program will begin next month: On Monday, 31 July, the first … Continue reading

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Outside In Hotel Trap

I’m making a trip to meet with Nate in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. One of the recommendations to save money was to “outside in” our hotel. The basic strategy is as such. Hotels at the center of … Continue reading

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People Stealing Content – Plagiarism

I wrote a bit yesterday about the day at the Blogher conference. One of the little tidbits I collected from the conference was a tool that you have if people are stealing your content. This is always a problem I … Continue reading

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Bloghim at Blogher

5:45 The workshops are over and I was finally able to meet another pfblogger out here (believe me, there are not very many at this conference) who was Nina from Queer Cents / Sitting Pretty who was actually leading one … Continue reading

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Additions To Our Family

One of the most difficult and frustrating aspects of beginning a blog is finding an audience. Unless you actively seek others to trade links with, comment on ones that are popular and put a lot of effort into promoting what … Continue reading

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Water Store

While I think that drinking water is a great way to save money that can make you over $1000 richer each year, this only works if you are not purchasing the water. As I have written before, there really is … Continue reading

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Best Method To Spend Money

One of the most important aspects of personal finance is discovering the best way to spend your money. This is yet another one of those things that at first appears to be so simplistic that as you read this, you’re … Continue reading

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Credit Card Flags

Some interesting comments about having your credit card can get flagged if you make a small purchase at a convenience outlet and then go on to make a big purchase several hours later. From a comment Cliff left: When I … Continue reading

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We’ll Pay You $100 To Take The Monitor

I always laugh (more like shake my head) when I come across retail specials like this. I have been looking for a desktop computer for my mom who currently doesn’t have a computer. All she needs is something basic as … Continue reading

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Credit Card Information Stolen

My dad received a call the other day from his credit card company asking him about purchases he made with his credit card. It seems there had been some strange activity with his card and they wanted to verify that … Continue reading

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Compulsive Shopping Disorder

I got a call from a friend that I had to watch a show on the A&E network called “Intervention.” If you aren’t familiar with this show (which I wasn’t until the call), the show follows people who have addictive … Continue reading

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Crater Of Diamonds – Search For Diamonds

I have a list of about 100 things I want to do and places I want to go that I look at every so often and add new things to it when I hear about things that interest me. My … Continue reading

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File A Complaint Update

I wrote a few weeks back about filing a complaint to Speedstick because of some deodorant that left a rash when I used it. I decided to file the complaint in three different ways to see if there was any … Continue reading

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Free (and cheap) Movie Tickets

It’s hot here (107 degrees today) so we decided that we would take the afternoon to see a movie and to stay cool (you have to love the air conditioning in the movie theater on a day like today!) We … Continue reading

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The Cost Of Free

I mentioned in my last post that I went to San Francisco to see a baseball game with my dad. We went to the game because we were given free tickets to it and this got me thinking that “free” … Continue reading

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$300 A Month Rent In San Francisco!

I went to a San Francisco Giants Game baseball game today and while walking from BART to the stadium, there were several harbors with a large number of sailboats docked there. My dad loves sailboats, so of course we had … Continue reading

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Invest In A Set Of Basic Tools

One of the best investments that you can make is to get a set of basic tools for around the home. I spent a good 4 hours yesterday helping my father put in a new fence in their yard. Esimates … Continue reading

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Buy Freedom, Not Things

I was talking with a friend over dinner about what I’m currently doing. His response? “Oh, personal finance guru (sarcasm dripping in buckets), what is the best money advice you can give to me?” I sat there thinking for a … Continue reading

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