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Cable Internet Connection

One of the first things I’ve been wanting to do since returning to the the US is get a good Internet connection deal. I found one – Comcast Cable Internet for $19.95 a month for the first six months (of … Continue reading

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Cash Cab

One of the pleasures (sarcasm dripping) I get to do being back in the US is see all the wonderful TV I have been missing while in Japan. There are all kinds of shows that I have never seen or … Continue reading

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30 Free Bottles Of Coke

I’ve been opening my mail that had been saved for me in the US and among all the junk mail, I found coupons for 30 2-liter bottles of any coke product. These were the result of a game that Coke … Continue reading

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Back and Gas Humor

I’m back in the good old US at this moment and will spend most of this day trying to catch up not being online the last 2 days. Then I also have to figure out – how to get all … Continue reading

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Coin Jar Redeemed

It’s back to the US tomorrow, so I took my change jar to the bank and had the coins counted – and now have an extra $270 in my wallet. One of the nice things about coin jars in Japan … Continue reading

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Cyber Begging

I’m not a big fan of cyber begging for a couple of reasons: 1) There is rarely any way to tell if the story being told to get money from you is true or not and 2) It doesn’t address … Continue reading

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Pre-Paid Gas Price Increase Hedge Card

Concept: Purchase a prepaid gas card for a specified number of gallons at a set price to hedge against future increases in gas prices (not currently live, but it’s a concept Gulf has announced and is working on) Will You … Continue reading

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Is Your Name Yours?

Now I’m not usually into the celebrity gossip scene, but I thought it was interesting that one of the first things that Angela Jolie and Brad Pitt did upon deciding a name for their new child was to go out … Continue reading

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Lack Of Sleep Costs Me Money

When it comes to finding where your money goes, you’d likely be surprised at the large number of things that seem to have absolutely nothing to do with money that actually end up being a fairly large drain on your … Continue reading

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Our Newest Family Member

Besides having a houseful of Hello Kitty, we’re also slowly collecting a houseful of real kitties. Our latest member arrived today when my wife found a stray kitten sticking out of a water drain pipe of a cement wall next … Continue reading

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Gas Coupons

Concept: To attract more customers, some gas stations offer coupons that will take a certain amount off of each gallon of gas. Will You Save Money?: Yes** Comments: Much like gas stations sometimes have discount days, some stations offer coupons … Continue reading

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Shop Around For The Best Gas Price

Concept: By driving around looking for the best price, you’ll save money. Will You Save Money?: No** Comments: This is one of those false savings situations. People believe that they are saving money because they are paying less for the … Continue reading

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Gas Station Discount Days

Concept: To attract more customers, some gas stations offer “discount days” where they lower the price well below the competition for a single day. This sometimes is done on a regular schedule (certain days each month) or sometimes random without … Continue reading

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Wealth Coins – Where They Are

Some updates on the wealth coins and where they are these days. Wealth coin #3 made it’s way from Hollywood, CA from Liz up the coast to Cashmere, WA where David from Blogography has taken possession of it and has … Continue reading

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