Walking In The Suburbs Is Dangerous

I mentioned the other day that people don’t walk in the suburbs. I learned today that there is a very good reason for this. If you walk in the suburbs, you’re likely to get killed. I seriously was almost hit by two cars today not because they couldn’t see me, but because they didn’t even attempt to look for me. Apparently since nobody walks in the suburbs, there is no reason for drivers to check on the sidewalks to see if someone is walking and crossing the street. Two times today while walking to the driver’s right side, they looked left for cars and started pulling out (almost hitting me) before turning to look right and needed to slam on their brakes to avoid me. Then, they look at me like I have done something wrong for walking (since nobody else does). Anyway, I soon learned not to trust drivers while walking in the suburbs.

On a completely different subject, the other big revelation I came across is that the US is definitely not a cash society while Japan is. When in Japan, I always have a minimum of $500 in my wallet in cash whereas I rarely have more than $50 when in the US. That is not to say that there aren’t credit cards in Japan, but they are a much newer concept than in the US. I remember my first paycheck in Japan, I was handed $3000 in cash. It’s no wonder that Japanese tourists are targeted by thieves when in foreign countries…

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3 Responses to Walking In The Suburbs Is Dangerous

  1. Kira says:

    A couple of blocks from where my boyfriend’s father lives, there is one block (out of the whole neighborhood) that has street lights and sidewalks. This is because a girl was hit and killed on that block. Of course, nowhere else in the division has sidewalks and street lights, I guess somebody has got to get killed on every block in order for anything to change.

  2. mapgirl says:

    It’s true. Riding your bicycle is often dangerous for the same reason. Plus as a small female, you can be pushed into a van and kidnapped pretty easily. That may sound really ridiculously paranoid, but this was attempted a few years ago on a teenage girl in CA. I remember it vividly from the news reports. And people wonder why I am all about personal safety.

    Asia in general is all about fat wads of cash, but as time marches forward, even China is purchasing on credit cards. They just pay it off every month! I’d rather have my extra cash in an ING account making interest, rather than in my wallet doing nothing. But that’s just me.

  3. Retireyoung says:

    Just one of the many reasons why I love Japan.

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