Best Way To File A Complaint?

I purchased a stick of Mennen Speed Stick deodorant the other day and after using it a few days began to get a rash under my arms. This was a bit surprising to me since I have used their products for years and have never had this problem with any of their other scents. I wanted to contact them to let them know and when I looked on the package, saw that there were three different ways in which I could contact them:

  • a 1-800 toll free phone number
  • a website address
  • a snail mail address

    This got me thinking – although I know that complaining when something goes wrong is a great way to save money and is to the benefit of the manufacturer (although they seem to not always realize this), I

  • ...

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    4 Responses to Best Way To File A Complaint?

    1. Everysec says:

      Interesting experiment! I personally find that in Ireland people don’t complain enough, this leads to worse service and products. Anyway, can’t wait to see the results of this.

    2. James says:

      Good stuff! I just read your posting about actually making money while shopping. Thats the best of both worlds!

    3. JC says:

      So basically you complained to a company about YOUR allergy to something in their product and got free coupons? Nice gimmick! I’m surprised you got anything for YOUR problem!

    4. John Grantham says:

      You are cheap and seems enjoy complaining. I have been using Mennen Speed Stick Regular since 1964 and just can’t do without this deodrant. The wonderful lavender scent freshens me up and gives me confidence on hot sweaty days. The rash you experienced is due to your own sensitive skin and not because of the ingredients. Some users develops rash in repsonse to certain scents. This is manufacturered by a very big compamy so the product comes with quality assurance. Stop unecessary complaining about this great product please.

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