Surprising Monday

It was a pretty quick start to the week and had a few surprises for me. The blog went down for about an hour because two of my posts made it to the front page of (Creative Job – Commute Helper and 50% Off Cable TV Bill which sent an avalanche of visitors to the site. With more than 500 trying to get on the blog at the same time, the server admin thought it was a hacker and pulled the plug until we found out that it was the articles getting some good mentions.

I also had a good conversation with Scott over at Money Blogger Podcast who interviewed me for his 24th installment of the series. So for any of you who are curious to hear my voice or hear some of my “not so comm


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3 Responses to Surprising Monday

  1. SlashChick says:

    No offense, but what kind of server admin doesn’t know how to read the ‘referer’ field on Apache logs? It should be painfully obvious where the traffic is coming from.

  2. pfadvice says:

    I probably should have made a better explanation since the server admin did the correct thing. The avalanche of people visiting here was going to take down the server where we have another 25 sites hosted. He took down the blog so the entire server didn’t go down and his first assumption was it must have been a hacker with such a huge amount of traffic coming in in such a short period – he then look at the logs and realized what was really happening, contacted us and kindly reset things so that the server wouldn’t crash.

  3. samh_ says:

    Those are both great stories. You should have been prepared 😉

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