GM $1.99 A Gallon Gas Offer

GM Fuel Price Protection
I came across an interesting promotion that General Motors (GM) is offering for certain model cars to residents in California and Florida – $1.99 a gallon gas for the first year. The part of the promotion that caught my eye is that there is no cap on how many miles you can drive. When I saw that, I had to investigate a bit more.

The promotion information can be found at You need to enter in a valid California or Florida zip code (you can use 95014 for CA or 32801 for FL if you just want to take a look)

When you purchase or lease your eligible new GM vehicle, we will provide you with a special pre-paid card. Your card will be credited about once a month for the tot


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20 Responses to GM $1.99 A Gallon Gas Offer

  1. driver says:

    its a gimmick to sell cars

    the trick is the calculations show the more you drive the more you save.

    GM will save money with the gas card instead of giving customers thousands and thousands in rebates and cheap financing.

  2. SHELLEY says:

    I got 0% financing and the gas card. Seemed like a good deal to me! Low payments,nice nice car. I’m happy!

  3. russ trombly says:

    Plese advise me as to why I haven’t received any money in my account since July. I purchased my new Impala on June 8 and received all the cards, registered and heard fro you in august advising me I need no attentiion on my vehicle. This Sept. 28, 2006 and I haven’t heard from you. I have had 51 cents in my account since July, 30. Thinking of you Russ Trombly

  4. pfadvice says:

    Plese advise me as to why I haven’t received any money in my account since July. I purchased my new Impala on June 8 and received all the cards, registered and heard fro you in august advising me I need no attentiion on my vehicle. This Sept. 28, 2006 and I haven’t heard from you.

    I think you need to address your comments to GM and not here…

  5. Marilyn Maratens says:

    When I try to go to to get my card balance I do not get a web site. Tried with AOL and Google, same things happens.

  6. Victoria Matheny says:

    When trying to sign on to to get my card balance I don’t get that site. Its a hastle calling to get a balance.

  7. James and Rhonda says:

    Upon our purchase 7/1/2006 we received the initial $100 in July, then $60. in August, we have driven over 6000 miles on our new 2007 Yukon thus far and have not gotten another dime from the GMFPP.
    The program runs through OnStar and OnStar gives you the run around (they did not do the diagnositics as required) and the operators at OnStar seemed to have have memorized “We do not know anything about the GM Fuel Protection Program” and “I am sorry I have no idea who you need to talk to”.

    We have sent an email and hard copy letter to:
    GMC Customer Assistance Center
    P.O. Box 33172
    Detroit, MI 48232-5172

    Maybe if enough of us get together we can get them to live up to the promise they made us. If not; does anyone know a good attorney that would be interested in starting a class action lawsuit?

  8. Patrick Quinlan says:

    I have been trying to obtain your website, and I am unable to open the website, it comes back unable to find server, are you guys updating your webpage or what?

  9. pfadvice says:

    This site has nothing to do with – I simply wrote a post about the program when it was first announced. I realize that this blog comes up in google when searching he domain, but I have no affiliation with them. Your best bet is to contact GM at:

    GMC Customer Assistance Center
    P.O. Box 33172
    Detroit, MI 48232-5172

  10. GatorLady says:

    I thought it was a great deal. I got 0% financing and the card, too. However, I have been having trouble getting on the website, too, and I have tried three times this week. I can only seem to reach them by phone. I even had some difficulty getting through to customer service on the phone (phone went dead after 2 rings), but after three tries I was finally able to get a live person. I was told that they were unaware people were having any trouble accessing the website, but they would check into it. The customer service number is 1-800-580-9204.

  11. Patrick says:

    I purchased my Impala on June 24th, I received the initial $100 card and was told each month I would receive my funding. I have driven over 10,000 miles and have yet to receive another dime. I have gotten e-mails showing me what my monthly payout would be and still I received nothing. You call the customer service number and get reps who can’t help you or hang up on you. This was my first venture into the GM market and it has been a nightmare. These funds were to be used for my children’s christmas gifts. Someone post any ideas or positive avenues they have been able to go down to get their problem fixed

  12. sherman oaks hummer says:

    this program sucks! AS Gator Lady said below, the phone went dead on my first 10 attempts. How is that possible? And no one else in GM seems to know anything about contacting these people. My money hasn’t been reloaded into my account either. I’m telling you, these people have a class action suit coming…

  13. paul says:

    Well its like this people we are geting ripped off & we need to get together & fight these lieing thieves. I purchased my 2007 tahoe LTZ 50k worth may 06 its now dec 17 still no GM fuel price protection card!! Get this, back here in cali the local news chanel 13 has this call curtis bit, where he on natoinal TV investigates these kind of scams & confronts them. Maybe it might do the trick and hopefully get these false advertisments exsposed to the public!!

  14. Norm Lavigne says:

    I, too, received the $1.99 per gallon credit card with the new Buick Lucerne I purchaced in June of ’06. The first month the card was loaded with a $100.00 as promised, but after that we are constantly running out of credit and am told “purchace denied” at the gas station and have to use my own credit card. Just tried to find my balance on the internet, as I was again denied a fuel purchace today in the amount of $35.40, but to no avail!! I’m glad to see I’m NOT the only one feeling screwed!! Hello “class action” !!!!!

  15. Jeff Cunningham says:

    I know thsi site has nothing to do with the promotion, but let me join in with evryone who has had and continues to have nothing but problems with this program and site. Again today I cannot get on the site to check my account. They took a good idea and totally screwed up the execution. They stink!!!

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  17. Gordon Gobie says:

    I can’t get through to your site to check my balance. This has happened the last 3 month Whats wrong with I’m not the only one who has this problem

  18. Jesus Lendio says:

    How can I get my balance on my fppcard?

  19. Bill says:

    How do I get my card balance, http://www.gmfppcard does not give a link to a card balance site. I am not “completely satisfied” and, based on other reader comments, am not theonly one.

  20. randhir singh boparai says:

    DEAR SIR,I HAVE Same deal with gmc with 1.99.but i use two time .i try to reach about two times .but no body giving any respone about my please call me on my no .my reach able ph 209 640 7573.

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