Gas Vouchers

Concept: When gas prices rise, there are certain sectors of the travel industry which can feel the effect with a slowdown in their business. To try and counteract this, they sometimes offer gas vouchers to entice customers to travel even with the higher gas prices.

Will You Save Money?: Yes**

Comments: Gas vouchers tend to be given by businesses in the travel industry to encourage people to drive even when gas prices are rising. Gas vouchers, unlike gas cards, are usually more localized and are redeemable in the area where the gas voucher is issued rather than at any specific brand station. For example, a Bed & Breakfast in the countryside that sees a slowdown in customers coming to visit due to gas prices may offer a gas voucher to attract more business.

**If you were already planning a trip to that particular area, the gas vouchers can reduce the cost of your gas. If your weren’t planning a trip, however, but the gas vouchers entice you to go then you’ll likely spend money that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Note: There have been a number of gas voucher scams that have circulated over the Internet. Usually these scams entail you paying a small upfront fee to receive hundreds of dollars in gas vouchers you can supposedly use anywhere. The truth is that the vouchers are worthless and you lose any money you give upfront. The old adage that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is applies here.

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