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Cable Internet Connection

cable internet connectionOne of the first things I’ve been wanting to do since returning to the the US is get a good Internet connection deal. I found one – Comcast Cable Internet for $19.95 a month for the first six months (of course, I’ll negotiate for the best deal I can using junk mail when the introductory rate expires). Sound great except for the fact that I can’t get through to Comcast.

Every time I call, the phone automatic tree tells me that due to computer issues, they can’t help anyone except those with emergencies. While this is certainly not a good first impression, I’m not sure if I have much of a choice in the matter since dial-up is definitely not an option and the price is certainly right. I will continue to give them a try for the next few days and hope I can get that all set up. Nothing worse than working on the Internet and not being able to access it in a timely manner…

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  1. That’s definitely an issue local to you. I work for Comcast in Dallas and know that’s not a problem right now. (And before you ask, I’m just a reports analyst and not directly involved with accounts.)

    I personally live outside of the Comcast market, so I can’t benefit from the lower rates (under Charter right now). Of course, once I’m in a Comcast area, there are benefits to being an employee. 🙂

    Which is another tip I highly recommend. If there is a facet of your life that takes up resources (in this case, maintaining a good enough bandwidth for personal use), try to find employment for a company where you can get that facet of your life at a discount. One of my wife’s obsessions is jewelry. So she works for Zale Corporation and gets wonderful discounts on her passion.

    This tip is rarely that useful if your love is to shop at discount stores. Usually the employee benefit is hardly enough to make up for the low wages they will pay as well. Depending on the company you choose, the savings could very well be in the thousands.

  2. I have had similar issues with Comcast. It’s hard to get someone on the phone quickly and to get problems fixed.
    I am going to try yout junk mail hint. Thanks!

  3. If you say DSL has a deal, yada yada, then you can get a better deal at the end of your promo.

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