Back and Gas Humor

I’m back in the good old US at this moment and will spend most of this day trying to catch up not being online the last 2 days. Then I also have to figure out – how to get all the things I need to get back into the swing of things out here including getting a decent Internet connection because for the amount of time I spend on the Internet, anything that isn’t high speed will drive me crazy (and make me a lot less productive) The slower speed that I am currently having to deal with is already getting on my nerves, so some calls are definitely in order. No end of things to do when a move takes place…

Hopefully I’ll have time to make a few entries as the day goes on, but until then, here is a bit of humor for all of those that have been following the gas saving tips I’ve been writing (via Bostan Gal’s Open Wallet) from Comedy Central and the Daily Show about full service gas stations in New Jersey (video “Pump My Ride”) Quite funny – Enjoy!

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