Coin Jar Redeemed

my coin jar drawerIt’s back to the US tomorrow, so I took my change jar to the bank and had the coins counted – and now have an extra $270 in my wallet. One of the nice things about coin jars in Japan is that the coins range in worth from a penny to about $5 which makes emptying your pockets each day quite profitable for your savings.

Pretty much packed and ready to go – not especially looking forward to the 10 hour flight (not to mention the 4 hour layover in Tokyo), but I guess it goes with the territory. I should get back on a more regular posting schedule and finish up the gas saving list once we’re settled in…and hopefully the trip back will find some interesting stories to


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3 Responses to Coin Jar Redeemed

  1. Mike says:

    It is also a good way to save for gadgets and the latest toys.

  2. makingourway says:

    Good luck on yoru return home.
    I can’t wait to read about your views stateside.

    PS My children seem very attached to the change in my pockets. I wonder when they’ll let me depsoit it in the bank!

  3. SteveL says:

    Sounds to me like Canada. They have a loonie ($1), a toonie ($2), but it sucks because all of a sudden $5 turns into a bunch of coins and I don’t carry a wallet.

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