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Lack Of Sleep Costs Me Money

tsutsu not wanting me to get my sleepWhen it comes to finding where your money goes, you’d likely be surprised at the large number of things that seem to have absolutely nothing to do with money that actually end up being a fairly large drain on your wallet. Even after writing about personal finances all this time, I still find things that I never realized part me from my hard earned money. The latest realization is that lack of sleep is a bad omen for my savings.

With the move just around the corner now, I’ve been getting less sleep than usually trying to get everything taken care of and realized it’s this lack of sleep that has me purchasing things that I would never normally purchase. A lot of it is “power” drinks and bars to give me a kick when I start to get sleepy in the afternoon. I also notice that I eat a lot more food (usually junk) than I do when I get a good night’s rest.

It also goes beyond that. Because I’m tired, things that I would normally do myself I don’t feel like doing and thus I go for convenience over savings. For example, I had promised to wash the car which I normally do by hand – actually enjoy doing by hand. This time, however, I was just too tired to bother and instead paid to have the car washed at a local car wash.

These are just the extra payments that I end up making because I’m tired. In reality, there is even more cost to me associated to not getting enough sleep. While on the surface it appears that I have more time in the number of hours to get things done when I don’t sleep as many hours, the reality is that I’m far less productive when I haven’t slept enough. I have a much harder time focusing on the things I need to get done and those things that I do tend to take longer and are not done as well as when I have had a good night’s sleep. While difficult to place a monetary value on this, I’m sure it costs me much more financially than all the extra things I purchase due to lack of sleep.

I probably should have noticed this long ago, but it just hit me this week. It goes to show that an issue that seemingly has nothing to do with your finances (such as sleep) can have a huge impact on them without you even realizing it.

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  1. Moving can definitely be an expensive and stressful time. I have made a couple of moves between Australia and Japan and once to China.

    I have kept my place fairly bare the last couple of years in anticipation of an easy move back at some stage.

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