Lack Of Sleep Costs Me Money

tsutsu not wanting me to get my sleepWhen it comes to finding where your money goes, you’d likely be surprised at the large number of things that seem to have absolutely nothing to do with money that actually end up being a fairly large drain on your wallet. Even after writing about personal finances all this time, I still find things that I never realized part me from my hard earned money. The latest realization is that lack of sleep is a bad omen for my savings.

With the move just around the corner now, I’ve been getting less sleep than usually trying to get everything taken care of and realized it’s this lack of sleep that has me purchasing things that I would never normally purchase. A lot of it is “


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  1. Mike says:

    Moving can definitely be an expensive and stressful time. I have made a couple of moves between Australia and Japan and once to China.

    I have kept my place fairly bare the last couple of years in anticipation of an easy move back at some stage.

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