Is Your Name Yours?

investing in domain namesNow I’m not usually into the celebrity gossip scene, but I thought it was interesting that one of the first things that Angela Jolie and Brad Pitt did upon deciding a name for their new child was to go out and register a bunch of name domain names including shilohjolie, shilohjoliepitt, shilohpitt, shilohnouvelpitt, shilohnouveljolie, and shilohnouveljoliepitt. The reason they did this is pretty obvious – if they didn’t, someone else would have claimed the names and used them such as the case with which Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes failed to register for their newborn daughter – it is now a countdown to Suri’s 18th birthday website asking for fans to submit sketches of what they think Suri will look like when she grows up.

So what did I do after reading this? I went and purchased my name (actually, I already had which I purchased just recently, but I didn’t have I’d been considering this for some time and had always delayed because I figured who else would have my name. A quick search for “Jeff Strain” – which I rarely use on the Internet, but the name everyone knows me by for the first 30 years of my life – revealed I’m nowhere to be found (it seems there is a pretty popular Jeff Strain who helped create the video game Guild Wars who dominates here as well as some others with the name Jeff Strain).

So I had a decision to make – did I want someone else to claim the name I use, what I consider to be “my name,” as theirs in the cyber world? I didn’t and that is why I registered it.

I look at it as a pretty good investment for $5.99 a year because as the Internet continues to expand and becomes a place where people spend more and more of their time, I can see your name being as important as your telephone or address for people who want to find you. I have found this to be especially true recently as a number of friends from high school and college who I had lost track of have found me through my websites.

While it’s difficult to predict what will happen in the future and how important your name will be in relationship to the Internet, my advice to anyone who happens to read this entry – go and register your name. For the $6 a year it costs, I will bet that you will be extremely happy you did in the future and hitting yourself over the head if you don’t now and find someone else has claimed your identity at a later date.

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2 Responses to Is Your Name Yours?

  1. Dawn says:

    Hmmm, interesting thoughts to ponder

  2. Perky says:

    I once websearched my name, I found I am an old porn movie, I never want to do that again! But so far my name doesn’t have it’s own website, just lots of them devoted to the movie. (know you know why I never use my name!)

    But you just inspired me to search out my childrens names, I found a family website with our family tree on it! kindof cool to do a netsearch and come up with a family website…K maybe it is just me

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