Our Newest Family Member

Besides having a houseful of Hello Kitty, we’re also slowly collecting a houseful of real kitties. Our latest member arrived today when my wife found a stray kitten sticking out of a water drain pipe of a cement wall next to a busy street. With no mom around and constant traffic only a few feet away, the kitten was immediately adopted. He comes home to current family of three other stray cats we’ve found and a stray dog.

Tsu Tsu - our newest family member

He received the name TsuTsu – which means drainpipe (the pronunciation) in Japanese, but my wife has changed the Japanese characters to ones with the same pronunciation, but a better meaning.

Tsu Tsu - our newest family member

He appears to be about a month old or so – his teeth have all grown in, but still tries to nurse. here are a couple more photos…

Tsu Tsu - our newest family member

Tsu Tsu - our newest family member

So there you have it. While I’m busy filling up boxes for the move back, our family gets a new addition…

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