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Cable TV Caller – Perfect Part-Time / Summer Job

This idea was a simple “add one and one together” and you have a creative job with little to no start-up costs where you can make quite a bit of money. In fact, this would be an excellent part-time job … Continue reading

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Best Way To File A Complaint?

I purchased a stick of Mennen Speed Stick deodorant the other day and after using it a few days began to get a rash under my arms. This was a bit surprising to me since I have used their products … Continue reading

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Walking In The Suburbs Is Dangerous

I mentioned the other day that people don’t walk in the suburbs. I learned today that there is a very good reason for this. If you walk in the suburbs, you’re likely to get killed. I seriously was almost hit … Continue reading

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Digital Video Camera Recommendation

Nate and I have decided we need a digital video camera to record our first meeting in Las Vegas coming up soon, so this week I need to do some research on purchasing a good quality digital video camera. Since … Continue reading

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Surprising Monday

It was a pretty quick start to the week and had a few surprises for me. The blog went down for about an hour because two of my posts made it to the front page of (Creative Job – … Continue reading

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Grocery Stores For Gas Savings

Concept: If you purchase a certain amount of food from a grocery store, you receive a coupon for for a specific amount off per gallon of gas at an affiliated gas station in the area. Will You Save Money?: Yes** … Continue reading

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Spare The Air Day Flop

It’s been over 100 degrees here the past couple of days and in an effort to reduce the amount of smog in the air, they had a Spare The Air day today. This meant that a lot of the public … Continue reading

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Sad News

Received word that our dog died yesterday. It isn’t a surprise as he has been sick for quite awhile now, but that doesn’t make the event any less sad. Like all the other pets we have, he was a stray … Continue reading

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Creative Job – Commute Helper

Sometimes I’m amazed at the creativity of some people who earn a good living filling needs that anyone could do. I was at a gathering today when I struck up a conversation with a man who described his job as … Continue reading

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Discount Warehouse Clubs

Concept: To attract more customers to their wholesale clubs, more are being built with gas stations being part of the wholesale club. Will You Save Money?: Yes** Comments: Due to their size, warehouse clubs can purchase gas on on par … Continue reading

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Gas Vouchers

Concept: When gas prices rise, there are certain sectors of the travel industry which can feel the effect with a slowdown in their business. To try and counteract this, they sometimes offer gas vouchers to entice customers to travel even … Continue reading

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People Don’t Walk In The Suburbs

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve decided to pass on getting a car for now which means when I go out, I either walk or ride my bike. I took a short walk to the bank today and it is quite … Continue reading

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Electronic Checks

I had my first experience with an electronic check today which was a bit different than I remember things. I went to pay for some things I was purchasing and decided to pay for them with a check. Normally, they … Continue reading

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Huge Grocery Savings

Here is a challenge that I’m going to be trying now that I’m back from Japan. Flash, who manages our Grocery Coupon Guide, gets amazing savings with coupons. The type of savings that you hear about in disbelief on the … Continue reading

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50% Off Cable TV Bill

I don’t know why people don’t like to call the different companies that give them services to try and get a better price, but there are a lot of people out there. My mom is one of them. I wrote … Continue reading

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How Necessary Is A Cell Phone?

The decision was made a few days ago that when looking at all the information, there was really no need for a car at this moment. While that has seemed strange to some of our friends and will cause some … Continue reading

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Comcast Hair Pulling

Comcast Internet access is driving me crazy because their “simple set-up” has been anything but thus far. I went to pick up the modem and other stuff from a nearby office yesterday and spent over an hour there as they … Continue reading

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Paid Programming

I can tell I’ve been out of the US for awhile – there are just a crazy number of paid programming shows on TV these days. There also seems to be a huge number of “money making” paid programming advertisements … Continue reading

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No Car For Now

The decision not to purchase a car for the time being has been made. While there would not be a problem getting one financially, the question was does it really make sense at this point (the cost of purchasing it … Continue reading

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Wealth Coin #10

A bit more news came in on the wealth coins that are out there. I received notice that wealth coin #10 arrived in Sams Valley, Oregon: I was on vacation when it came and my family were all curious what … Continue reading

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