IRS Tax Refund Multiple Direct Deposit Offered

w-2 tax formSome good news from the IRS today. Beginning January 2007, if you are getting a tax refund, you can designate the tax refund to go into up to three different accounts. Previously you could only designate a single savings or checking account to have the entire refund deposited into. This meant that if you wanted to place part of the refund into another savings account and also some into retirement, you had to do so yourself after the IRS deposit arrived. While many have good intentions, if you’re like the average person, even if you considered placing some into other accounts, you probably didn’t once the refund arrived in your designated account. The new rules allowing you to mak


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2 Responses to IRS Tax Refund Multiple Direct Deposit Offered

  1. dan says:

    I’m very happy to hear this. They should have offered this long ago. It will make dividing up the refund check so much easier.

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