Dave Ramsey Is God

Dave Ramsey is GodI was skimming through the forums and discovered that Dave Ramsey is God:

Read the book and it’s like the bible. Full of truth. If you follow it, it will lead you out of debt. Once you learn to stop borrowing, you really do free up your money and you’re able to say. I guess it’s about putting things in the proper order. Dave wants you to have your toys, but not before you can afford them. Sometimes we think we can afford things because we can make the payments, but this is not true. If you think that way you will always be paying someone else other than yourself. Great book, go out and get it. I just loaned mine to a friend who keeps bouncing checks, losing $300 – $400 in bounced check fees!!

I always wonder how to best respond to post like this (actually, I usually stay out of the forums and let everyone go about their discussions without my interference). This is my basic take on most of the debt and personal finance gurus out there:

They give simple and easy to understand advice. They do this for a reason. When you are in debt and trying to get out, you don’t want a lot of choices. You want a simple step by step method to help you get your finances under control that isn’t complicated. That’s exactly what the personal finance and debt gurus give.

What you learn after awhile, however, is that simple and easy aren’t always best and if you’re unlucky and the exception to the rule, in certain circumstances the advice can even be detrimental. I guess I have faith that if someone is smart enough to begin tackling their debts and get their personal finances in order, they’ll be smart enough to come to this realization in time.

While I don’t agree with some of the approaches that some of these personal finance gurus advocate, I feel that someone doing anything to improve their knowledge in regard to personal finances is one step ahead of the person who isn’t. If the gurus are able to motivate someone into getting their finances in order when they wouldn’t otherwise do so, then give the guru credit.

I can also see to some degree how they get deified by those that use their system. If you were in debt up to your ears and found a system that help you break the cycle (even if it wasn’t perfect), you’d probably go around singing it’s praises. It’s new to you and it worked and you have a heavy burden lifted from your shoulders. That probably looks like a miracle to a lot of people.

Still, when I see people trying to convince others that the personal finance gurus are Gods, I must admit I have to bite my tongue…and remember that we all have a learning curve to go through when it comes to personal finances.

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10 Responses to Dave Ramsey Is God

  1. ~Dawn says:

    I agree, no guru is God. They have the same simple advice, wrapped in different inspiration quotes, what works for one won’t for another and vice versa.

  2. Max says:

    I will never live “by the book” though I am the saver in the family. Here’s a real life example:

    My friend’s grandparants are millionaires, but they worked in blue-collar jobs all of their lives. They are living examples of frugality and sacrifice. I’d say they followed Dave Ramsey’s advice to a tee – can’t have your toys until you can pay for them with cash.

    A couple of years ago, the grandpa finally fent like he could afford a bass boat (for fishing), an item he’d wanted his ENTIRE LIFE. He’d always talk about owning a nice boat, going fishing with his sons, camping, what have you. So a couple of year ago, he went out and bought a boat exactly like he wanted. However, in last two years he only took in out … once.

    He’s gotten old – while putting pennies together and waiting to buy that boat, he missed plenty of chances on 0% financing, closeout blowouts, used deals on the Internet, etc. He literally got too old for the boat because he HATES DEBT, HATES CREDIT, thinks credit card companies ARE THE DEVIL, etc, etc.

    I say, Dave Ramsey’s theology is a great read for those deeply troubled individuals who cannot control their spending and racked up thousands in unnecessary debt. Personally, I take his cermons with a grain of salt because I’m not living out the best years of my life like an inmate in the prison of “paying for everything with cash”.

  3. davis says:

    Ohhhhhh, please.

  4. georgia says:

    I like Dave and a lot of what he says, but there are a lot of people that follow his advice and do treat every word he says as if it is holy.

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  6. IAn says:

    My wife and I read thru a Ramsey book awhile back just to see what was in it, and I found it to be really good. (not for us though, we’re already fantastic penny pinchers)

    He’s just another guy telling the simple truths that will help one manage their finances. I found all of it to be common sense and whatnot.

    I suppose the godlike status comes from those who just haven’t thought of some of those things before. If you give water to a man dying of thirst, you’ll be psomewhat “godlike” in his eyes… same concept there 🙂

    I really do think Ramsey is great, as we have referred him to some of our friends who are up to their scalps in debt.

  7. DEBTective says:

    Bub, just wanted to say thanks for spreading the word about Dave Ramsey and debt freedom. His plan works like a charm, doesn’t it? Way to go, baby!

  8. Don says:

    I went to go see Dave Ramsey in person today at the Deltaplex in Grand Rapids MI. What a rip off. They over sold tickets, people were sitting on the floor with no chairs. There was not enough parking in the parking lot of the Deltaplex so there were hundreds of cars parked in area business parking lots for blocks. When we took our first break they announced that anybody parked in an area business parking lot would be towed if they didn’t move their cars. We asked workers and even a local police officer where we can park and we were told that there wasn’t any place to park in the area that you wouldn’t be towed from. We asked for refunds and they only said that they don’t refund ticket sales. So there were hundreds of people that had to leave after hearing just 1 hour of Dave. Any good Christian person would have made sure that there was ample parking and seats at a location before holding an event there. This leaves a very bad taste in my mouth and I am sure that I am not the only one that feels they were conned out of the price of admission.

  9. Rick says:

    in response to comment 8-

    well Don, you seem to have a hold of what really goes on with the Dave Ramsey group. IT IS ALL about Dave and Dave’s money. NO REFUNDS?? after an awful event? But hey, Dave got HIS money from ticket sales. Oh listen to the SHOW and hear some (oh let’s make this look good and give out some tickets to that couple that does not have their tickets yet)– glossy coating.
    Then he was pushing on Dallas being a sell-out the next weekend, even larger than Grand Rapids. Buy my books, buy my stuff, by my tickets— but I will give you a Floor to sit on? hmmmm

  10. gazelleintense.com says:

    he’s not God. But he’s a smart dude. And his plan does work. Common sense is not so common anymore. So now it’s very marketable.

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