$50 Gas Card For Grand Vitara Test Drive

Free $50 Gas card - Suzuki Grand Vitara test driveOne of the great things about higher gas prices (if there ever can be a great thing) is that promotions pop up all over the place to help people with gas. Suzuki is giving away a free $50 Shell Gas Gift Card for simply test driving their 2006 Grand Vitara. The offer expires 06/19/2006.

To receive your 2006 Grand Vitara Test Drive Offer By E-mail, follow these instructions:

1. Fill out an online Quick Quote for a New 2006 Grand Vitara
2. Take the offer letter from your e-mail to your Suzuki Dealer.
3. Test Drive the New 2006 Grand Vitara.
4. Have Dealer Rep Sign Form
5. Attach Dealer Business Card
6. Mail Form to: Grand Vitara Incentive, 4216 W. Jefferson, Los Angeles, CA 90016

Suzuki, Japan


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One Response to $50 Gas Card For Grand Vitara Test Drive

  1. wingingroad says:

    Thank you. I was planning to go test driving this weekend, although not this car. Now I’ll get paid to do so.

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